December 4, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Dato Seri Ismail Sabri’s statement unleashes healthy debate about wholesalers in FB!

Menteri Dalam Negeri sudah sokong Dato Seri Ismail Sabri suruh henti langgan atau membeli dari peniaga yang cekik darah! Ini kuasa kita sebagai pengguna!
Biar bisnes mereka merudum! Jangan makan minum kat mana mana restoran atau warung jual mahal! Jangan beli dari kedai yang jual mahal!
Kita boleh mengajar mereka yang degil!
Kenyataan DS Ismail Sabri harus disokong semua pengguna tanpa mengira kaum.‪#‎DSZH‬
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  • Emmanuel Joseph Yes but why must mention ‘Chinese’? Memang semua middle men peniaga bangsat pun, tak kira race.
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  • Shamsher Gill I disagree with him saying Chinese. Could have been handled better and wiser. And what are the authorities doing about it? If it is the middle-men who are raising prices, should not they check on them instead of the shops?
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  • Shamsher Gill Damage has already been done. Unfortunate. And his mission and motives a success.
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  • Haji Zainol Abideen I don’t give a rat’s ass as to who are the ones giving us a bloody headache when it comes to buying our necessities at an inflated price!

    Its a known fact that the ones doing so are not Eskimos or Sudanese calling the shots about the wholesale prices
     that are being supplied to the retailers!

    Do what we can to stop buying from those who refuse to lower the prices of everyday products such as food and drinks! 

    I order a mug of hot water and prepare my own beverage! 

    No need to roll on the streets demonstrating like idiots. Just spend wisely and let the domino effect take place naturally! 

    It works!
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  • Shamsher Gill Exactly. Compare prices and patronize places that give fair value.
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  • Haji Zainol Abideen I spend wisely bro. I don’t order my coffee at the RNR. I buy a mug of boiled hot water and pay 20 sens for it. 

    I carry the 3 in 1 sachets which I buy from the hypermarts. For example, Nescafe 3 in 1 is sold at 9.90 a pack containing 30 sachets. Their promotional packs carry 7 extra sachets. It comes to just 27 sens a sachet. Add 20 sens to the cost of a self prepared drink, it costs me just 47 sens a mug of satisfying coffee.

    Why should I cough out RM2.00 for the same beverage from those Jack the Ripper stalls?

    Emmanuel Joseph might not want to emulate thrifty Uncle Haji Zainol Abideenhere! 

    He is a lawyer maa. $$$$$$$ banyak oo… 
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  • Emmanuel Joseph Mana lawyer.Mana kaya? Kalau kaya tak la kerja lagi
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  • Haji Zainol Abideen Hehehehe… so, be smart lah brader! Tiru macam UncleHaji Zainol Abideen! But only if you are traveling alone. 

    Kalau bawa darling tapi buat macam saya; gerenti darling lari!

    Boyfren kedekut! 

  • Haji Zainol Abideen Proof! 37 sachets of satisfying coffee at RM9.88 a pack. One needs to be a wise consumer nowadays to stretch one’s budget! 

    If you are a Selangor Exco earning more per month than any other Exco, you don’t have to suffer like the rest of us, common people! 

Isn’t the above true?

Not all of us are flush with cash to spend as we damn well please. We need to watch our every ringgits and sens.

What Ismail Sabri said might irritate the Malaysian Chinese Association, the DAP or GERAKAN fellows because they do not like to be exposed as the ones who call the shots when it comes to fixing the domestic prices of retail goods and services!

Yes, we do have the authorities who are said to be in charge of the way things are produced and sold but it is the majority of the Malaysian Chinese wholesalers who decide as to what price each and every consumer item is marketed at?

As a consumer, I have my own way of determining who gets my business? I don’t care whether he or she is Malay, Chinese or Indian as long as what they sell is halal and appropriately priced!

With regard to Ismail Sabri’s statement being misconstrued as being racist towards the Chinese, the graphic above shows the gross manner by which the majority of the Opposition here whack the Malays and Muslims every now and then whilst claiming to exercise their rights to criticize or comment under label of ‘freedom of speech’!

But when their community is touched, all hell breaks loose and they cry foul saying they are being targeted by racist Malays!

Those who fear the smashing of the ocean waves should not build their house by the seaside!

It’s a tit for tat measure, brother! 

If you fear getting stung, don’t you go around poking the hornets nest, okay?

Common sense!

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