December 11, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Cyber Sludge, Social Media Collisions and Confusions.

In these times, it is unavoidable for those of us who have been using the Internet and blog to share our news and views with our readers to also experience an avalanche of unnecessary cyber sludge that ends up clogging our emails and blog’s comment columns!

Also take into consideration the quirky and often irritating Google+ that adds to our angst and which is in reality being shoved down our cyber throats so to say when we are users of Blogger and Gmail plus other Google owned and operated systems, one is really compelled to waste time sorting out which apps to approve, which to suppress and which to try and ignore?

Worse still is the way Facebook practically imposes upon us to yield towards its incessant demands to acquire and secure all nuances of our own privacy and just surrender lock, stock and barrel any remaining vestiges of self dignity just to be allowed to use its constantly metamorphosing communication system!

Not all bloggers and social media users are IT Savvy or know what exactly they are putting themselves at risk by blindly clicking ‘Yes’ to all the requests that certain applications are asking them to tick before allowing them to use their apps.

Just a few hours ago, I responded to a fellow blogger’s rant on Facebook that there are those who record telephone conversations to be used against those who are politicians by reminding the readers that technically each and everything that we do are recorded by the Angels Raqib and Atid in our Book of Deeds who are ascribed to each and everyone of us!

One of the fellow blogger’s FB friend asked whether those recording such phone calls are trying to take over the Angels duties? 

Talk about trying to make sense with those who aren’t exactly shining examples of those who are well informed! In every state of the art smartphone being sold nowadays, such applications come pre-installed or the user can download such apps for free from their telco service providers.

Whether the user wants to set up such a call recording system is entirely up to him or her? The blogger and his reader took needless offense to my sharing that they went ballistic in their responses.

As the saying goes, ‘Do not waste your time arguing with those who are deaf, dumb or blind to logical reason!’ They’ll beat us with years and years of experience of remaining in the dark. Best option is always to let them be. Duds can never be turned into diamonds! 

Lesson learned from such episodes is that if we are to remain at peace with ourselves and to stay above the constantly churning upheavals unnecessary social media strife’s!

These online battles and never ending squabbles are almost always connected with racial, religious and political cyber warfare being conducted to either boost or bust any political paymasters or patrons of those cyber snipers who have sold their soul for a fistful of ringgits or what the hell ever?

Social media observers and analysts know who such cyber snipers or ass kissers are by going through what they post online and whose causes they are fighting for? One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist in order to be able to sniff out those who blog for a cause or those whose entire crusade is entirely just false!

If you are amongst those who follow the Malaysian Socio-Political scene through the blogs, I guess by now you can deduce as to which camp any particular blogger seems to lean to or supports?

As far as I am concerned, those who have been following my postings for some time would know that I do not differentiate when it comes to taking to task either the current ruling Federal Government or the loose often at odds against one another Opposition Pact.

The Truth must be told no matter what so that Justice can live!’ has been my blogging principle since day one when I started blogging way back in 2004. I have published 2932 articles since then. This would be my 2933rd posting.

At times, I would encounter social media collisions as far as differing opinions and viewpoints that dwell on certain issues that concern the Malaysian Social, Political and Religious matters that spark off heated exchanges in our Malaysian Social Media such as Blogs, Facebook or Twitter. 

I have also helped in clearing the confusion with regard to religious knowledge and understanding which are often discussed or debated in social media. Not every Muslim or Non Muslim would have it in them to sincerely learn about matters related to Islam and its teachings. 

They would instead choose to stir up things by posting malicious or insensitive comments denigrating Islam and its religious figures through sheer recalcitrant stands that at times borders on willful stirring up controversies amongst the citizens of this beloved nation.

So far, I have been successful in sharing my fair share of knowledge and information about my faith and delivered to my readers adequate information that is based upon the Al Quran and authentic sayings or examples left to us by Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam.

If you click Jalinan Mesra, a well established social media directory, you’d find my blog listed in the ‘Lawan Arus‘ category amongst other long established Malaysian Socio-Political Bloggers. 

Many of us in this section are known to be ‘Going Against the Grain‘ quite opinionated and vocal bloggers. That’s what the term ‘Lawan Arus‘ which is in Malay means?

It’s not that we have nothing better to do and choose to constantly be a proverbial thorn in the ruling party’s ass but just voice out for the silent majority who do not have the grit, guts and gumption to speak their mind and get it off their chest when speaking about any issue or matter that concerns us, the Malaysian general public.

To be able to speak your mind is a sign of maturity for those who have lived through years of blatant lies and mindless hollow propaganda dished out by those employed or paid to do just that by the powers that be.

The advent of independent social media in the early 2000’s through blogs and websites saw the concerned members of the Malaysian general public getting the platform to speak their minds freely for the first time since our Independence back in 1957.

Public opinion has always been curtailed and screened by the newspaper editors before getting published in their ‘Letters to the Editor‘ columns in the daily news publications. One would only get to see their letters published if it passes certain guidelines and criteria that the Ministry of Information & Communications sets.

Even then, such letters are often edited out before getting considered to be printed. Such practices continue to this very day. Same goes for the broadcasting radio and television media stations. 

Even a number of IPTV’s which have been set up a couple of years back in order to provide a so called alternative point of view for the curious public are in actuality sponsored by the ruling parties. 

I speak with experience after having been amongst those who set up one existing IPTV as it’s Communications Director. Due to being given an ultimatum to choose between that job or give up blogging by a parasitic ‘Johnny Come Lately’ who took over the reins after the IPTV studio was completely set up, I chose the latter after giving the vermin the proverbial middle finger to his demands.

In a way, I am relieved for soon after leaving the IPTV, I was selected by the Malaysian Pilgrims Board to join it’s Media Team for the 2011 CE/ 1432 AH Hajj. Alhamdulillah! All praises be to Allah. 

I ended up providing my own translating, writing and editing services which I named as READ N WRITE Dotnet. 

Although there is no fixed income from this enterprise, my satisfaction lies with the ability for me to do my work from just about anywhere as long as I have my laptop computer and a broadband connection by which I get to keep in contact with my clients and deliver to them my completed assignments.

 So far I have had quite a number of satisfied clients ranging from students to company officials, international production houses and a professional studies and management college engage my services in translating articles, journals, documents, contracts and thesis from English to Malay and vice versa.

May Allah continue to bless me with the best of Iman, Health and provide me with whatever sustenance that I deserve through my efforts in the Malaysian Social Media.


Just remember that this here is our one and only beloved precious nation that is our motherland and where we are currently living in and Insya Allah will be buried in its bowels as well, one of these coming days.

Try our level best to learn and understand much, much more about who we are and where we might be going to by observing proper decorum and extend to each other civil courtesy even if it is just online. 

“Through teamwork we shall strive ; higher understanding and productivity, we’ll thrive!”

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