December 8, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

DBKL’s Horse & Carriage Rides ~ Why aren’t they promoting Malaysian Traditional Attires?

I couldn’t drive in and park my car at the KL Library today! Reason being that the Kuala Lumpur City Hall authorities have once again come up with their jackass decisions to bar library members from utilizing the car park which is designated for library going members.

I find it damn irritating when every now and then those earning fat salaries thinking up dumb ass short term ideas like these never fail to inconvenience the citizens of Malaysia and KLites by resorting to such ill thought of decisions!

Even the DBKL Library staff complained to me that they too had to park along the road kerbs as a result of this new hare brained program by the DBKL top honchos!

Malaysia never runs short of such wise guys who always come up with short lived ideas and promotions. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the people or what problems such decisions of theirs gives birth to?

As far as they are concerned, they still get to be driven as VVIP’s to their designated easy access parking spots whilst we who are mere citizens can just go to hell!

What can we do? Local authorities are appointed not elected so there is nothing that we can do to them! They are after all the Lords and Masters of Kay Ell! The Untouchables!

Now, coming to the matter of why the hell are these carriage drivers dressed up as Cowboys?

Did we ever have such cowboy attired folks in our nation’s history? Why isn’t DBKL bothered to at least give the national Malay culture and identity a place in their hare brained schemes like these?

At least, if they want to splurge on such gimmicky attractions, have the decency to promote the Malaysian traditional cultures and norms!

They could outfit the carriage drivers in the Malay traditional attires complete with the headgears and keris as warriors of old! They could also have different ethnics of Malaysia be hired as the carriage drivers with each promoting their own traditional wear, etc.

Photo courtesy of Himpunan Kedaulatan Melayu Islam Akhir Zaman.

Change such drivers by the week! That ought to showcase that Malaysia is truly Asia and all such gimmicks promoted by the Ministry of Tourism. Not that we do not have our national heritage to be promoted or be proud of!

There are those in the Keris Warisan Community who would just love to assist DBKL in preserving our Malaysian identity and heritage to be showcased to the visiting citizens of the world!

DBKL or any other government body can just contact Johan Iskandar, the Malay Heritage Community Chief for assistance in promoting our own heritage and not alien cultures! It doesn’t do Malaysia any good or justice!

Instead of highlighting our Malaysian heritage and cultures, we have pseudo Malay cowboys pretending to be Westerners with their ten gallon hats and cowboy gear!

DBKL has screwed up again! Sheeesh…..

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