February 26, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysia an Islamic Nation? Lamenting the sad opposite reality…

Time and time again, one hears of the ‘Islamic Nation‘ label being used to describe Malaysia by those who pretend that this multi-ethnic, multi-faithed nation of ours to be so.

Why do I accuse them of doing so?

Simple. Malaysia is not ruled according to the true Sharia Laws of Islam. Those who claim to be the Keepers of Islam here in Malaysia look like they are quite happy keeping Islam to just be like a wrapping paper on a box full of empty promises or realistically speaking ~ mere political hogwash!

I don’t know how these guys who are supposed to look out for the interests of Islam and its millions of adherents here in Malaysia get to sleep knowing fully well that they have done zilch for the faith despite their taking credit as rulers over this multi Sultanates based Federation?

Day by day, there is an increasing rise of attacks against the only revealed true faith from Allah, God Almighty but due to the current stable of munafiks we have holding power over us, the state of affairs with regard to our lives as Muslims of Malaysia seems to become a bogged down stalemated nation being passed off as an ‘Islamic Nation’ before an equally clueless world of similar nations and those belonging to the international union of kuffar ruled countries!

It’s a sick sorry ass situation.

And no one local or national political or dependable religious leader seems to have it in him to take charge of this nation and set it right as it should be!

As it is, Islam is already being screwed by many misinformed and misguided countries who wrongly view and practice an ‘Islam’ that’s way, way out of the straight line that Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam set forth for us who are his ummah!

Let’s take for instance the way some countries who claim to be ‘Muslim’ but commit injustice against the female population of their societies!

They cut off the noses of young women and girls who seek knowledge in order to improve their lives! They punish long suffering womenfolk who are often abused, molested or raped by their menfolk by throwing such victims into their horrid prisons or even killed off to cover their tracks!

The West immediately seize on the opportunity and eagerly make a hero out of those who survive such malicious atrocities such as that which involved Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl student who was mutilated by the Taliban and later became the poster girl for the Western world’s media to champion as an advocate for the ‘change’ they so want to bring to the countries that they wish to rescue and control!

This is the kind of perspective that the West often portray of those countries which are supposed to be painted as nations having Muslims as their major populations! The image that they often conjure up with is like the cartoon which they publish above.

Is this the kind of ‘Islam’ that the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam taught us?

Islam that shone forth during the Dark Ages which blanketed Europe during its sordid decline and illuminated the lives of millions of people during those terrible times has today been made out to be some joke by those who choose to see only backwardness and abject fanaticism in their outlook about it!

Who’s to be blamed for such a situation?

We can trace such weird misinterpretations back to stagnated mindsets which are often too deeply immersed and entrenched in schools of thought that often hold back the society from moving forward as what Islam enjoins us to!

These delusional heads of such movements or cults are often those guilty of spreading falsehood labeled as what Islam is about when in actuality it is not!

The way things have come to be in many of these awkward societies is often the result of mix-matching certain religious principles which have their roots in what Islam enjoins us to or just as a product of what the heads of this or that organization come up with? 

Just as the prophecy of Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam as to the state of affairs of his ummah in these End Times, the ummah of today are so divided and convoluted with this or that form of thinking or practices that so differ from what he had shown our forefathers during his lifetime!

An authentic saying of the Prophet goes : “Verily God doth not taketh away knowledge from the hands of His servants; but taketh it by taking away the learned; so that when no learned men remain, the ignorant will be placed at the head of affairs. Causes will be submitted to their decision, they will pass sentence without knowledge, will err themselves, and lead others into error”.

Sadaqa Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihis Salam!

Even the Kuffars are having endless problems of their own. Not a year goes by without the cropping up of this or that church or temple dedicated to the memory or teachings of this or that person or entity that almost always owes its coming into existence as a result of the deifying of certain individuals.

Who comes forth to lead the ignorants out of the various mess that society often gets itself into?

Regularly, it is often made up of those who have grandiose self adulating dreams and aspirations, supported by the gullible and clueless.

Didn’t the Prophet warn us of these End Times where the worst amongst us will be the ones who are often ruling over us?

So, it’s no surprise to see those who are deaf, dumb and blind ~ figuratively speaking, being oblivious to the challenges facing the Muslims of Malaysia today!

The ones who are supposed to protect and preserve Islamic values and practices often do not practice what they tend to preach to the masses!

Najib Razak, the current Prime Minister of Malaysia, easily condescended to allowing the Christians of Sabah and Sarawak to continue addressing the object of their Christian Trinitarian worship as ‘Allah’!

Read about it here.

No true knowledgeable Muslim will agree to such a blasphemous action!

But as we all know, Najib isn’t known as a Muslim religious leader. He is a politician who’s willing to do whatever he needs to do in order to maintain his position of power over this nation. Even if it means betraying the trust of the Muslims here in Malaysia!

It’s a pity that the ones fighting to safeguard and protect the sanctity and sacredness of the term ‘Allah’ are usually made up of the common people and not those who are supposed to be in the front line defending our faith!

So, the charade of Malaysia being an Islamic Nation will continue, no matter what!

Please wake up to the reality that Malaysia’s so called Islamic scholars will never rise to the occasion and save this country from falling into ruin as a result of the allowing of Kaffirs wrongfully addressing their idols and deities as ‘Allah’!

Despite the yearly holding of the International Quran Reciting Competition here in Malaysia and other Islamic Affairs oriented events portraying Malaysia as an Islamic Nation, it is sad to see Islam not really being championed and made out to be the bedrock of our nation’s faith and way of living as what Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala has commanded us to live by!

Till the day comes when the Al-Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet Sallalalahu Alaihi Wassallam comes to really be made to be the fundamental Supreme Laws and Constitution of Malaysia in the real sense of the word, I can only hope and pray that it will happen during my lifetime or eventually, Insya Allah!

In the meantime, do be aware of the way this country is being run and how we need to be very vigilant as to the manipulations and mismanagement that is taking place under guise of progress or tolerance amongst the many faiths by the ruling government and covert designs and aspirations of our common enemies.

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