December 8, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

UMNO’s Party Polls ~ Political Coitus Interruptus!

The nation awaits UMNO’s Party Election results which takes place today but the Non Contesting of the President and Vice-President seats leaves the nation’s main ruling party as practicing political coitus interruptus!

Prime Minister Najib Razak ought to have more self confidence in his position if he is really indispensable to his party’s leadership by contesting openly as a gentleman to retain his presidential position.

But being the ‘play safe’ politician that he is and one whom many of us Malaysians believe to be just a rhetoric spewing aristocrat ‘born with a silver spoon in his mouth’ son of Tun Abdul Razak, Malaysia’s 2nd Premier and who is a Malay Noble linked to the Pahang Malays elite, Najib does not come across as a seasoned Malay politician who would be willing to bite the bullet when push comes to shove!

In UMNO, the current political trend is to just be subservient to those who are wielding power and this no contesting of the two top most positions in the party’s polls shows the leaders fear of being toppled and losing their positions in the ruling Malaysian federal government!

The Vice Presidents contest shows a healthy race to offer the party a fresh new lineup or retain those who have been consistent in serving Malaysia iin their respective roles as senior cabinet ministers.

Prominently leading in the public opinion polls is our Home Minister Dato’ Seri Dr Hj Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. Zahid Hamidi has proven to be a man whom we can all depend on when he successfully has tackled the rise of serious crime in our nation by launching ‘OPS CANTAS’ together with the Royal Malaysian Police!

Zahid Hamidi’s joint effort with Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, Malaysia’s current Inspector General of Police has yielded terrific results by taking down some of the most notorious gangsters and leaders of secret societies who had been terrorizing the country by engaging in the killings of many individuals by gunning down them in public and also assassinating government officials who were just doing their duty such as the killing of a Customs director-general in Putrajaya!

Zahid Hamidi’s no-nonsense approach in eradicating these gangsters and secret society leaders has been very effective in turning the tables on those gangsters and returned the integrity and dignity of our police force.

The nation can breathe easy again today because our men in blue have once again been empowered to do their duty as best as they possibly can because the minister in charge of our homeland security is no longer Hishamuddin Hussein Onn, who failed to boost our nation’s security and the law enforcement agencies!

The morale of our Royal Malaysian Police and other security agencies was seriously low as a result of Hishamuddin’s constant apologizing and backpedaling when critics and opposition party lawyers lambasted the Royal Malaysian Police over certain cases and deaths of suspects in police lockups!

Criminals were being championed whilst law enforcement officials were persecuted! It was a screwed up situation! The pushover is now our Defence Minister thanks to Najib! The two are cousins! 

Najib has no mral ground to say anything to the contestants! They have the moral fibre to stand for elections whilst he is enjoying a no contest presidential seat! Muhyiddin too has not come forward to stand for elections and is having a free ride on Najib’s coat tails! Follow thy weak ass leader???

We have a play safe guy at the top and an unreliable fellow at the helm of our country’s defence ministry! 

I wish I have more time to expound in this sorry ass situation we now have in our country but I need to prepare for my trip outstation today. I’ll update this article later. In the meantime, let’s hope that the lame duck gets dumped in the polls today! Insya Allah!

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