December 3, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

UMNO’s Transformation??? Who the hell are you guys kidding??? Hahahahaha! Forget it!!!

Hehehehe! I told Blog House President Syed Akbar Ali that there’s no chance in hell for Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah Sanusi to wrest the UMNO Youth Head seat from Khairy Jamaludin when we met before at an impromptu bloggers pow wow to which we were invited for a briefing by the challenger at Bangsar a couple of weeks before!

It was clearly a last minute ill prepared campaign by Akhramsyah who at 40 was clearly putting his name and reputation at risk by taking on KJ in a ‘ do or die‘ situation.

What was Akhramsyah thinking?

He was clearly out of his mind. One does not go into battle with KJ without a strong backup. To engage in a campaign to challenge one of UMNO’s well established up in the running political contender like Khairy, Akhramsyah would have to be flushed with campaigning funds, nationwide network of friends and stalwart supporters, a good campaigning team, able to lubricate all the election campaign machinery really well!

On all counts, Akhramsyah didn’t have all that was needed to unseat Khairy!

So, I am not surprised at all to hear of Khairy’s clean sweep at the recently concluded UMNO Youth polls. All 189 UMNO Divisions nationwide voted for KJ! Even Akhramsyah’s own division didn’t back him up! Sheeesh…..

All four challengers to Khairy’s Youth Head position were squashed like irrelevant tiny bugs by KJ’s big fat campaign wallet!


Even the incumbent besmeared Wanita Chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil came up tops at the Wanita UMNO polls!

I don’t know about Kak Jat’s campaign strategy that saw her shine forth so brilliantly outclassing all her challengers as she too received a whopping 172 votes whilst Maznah Mazlan received 8 votes and Raihan Sulaiman Palestin got zilch for her efforts!

I don’t want to say anything about the Puteri UMNO. Let those young ladies be. 🙂

Now, the nation’s focus is gonna be on the UMNO seniors. This is where the top two posts of the UMNO President and his Deputy are not being challenged.

UMNO’s top guns do not have the balls to go about it in a man to man contest!

They either have a severe case of the shrunken gonads or the whole party do not have faith or conviction of strength or belief that out of the millions of members they have in their party, there’s none whom they either trust to be capable of leading them or most prefer to remain safe and secure at whatever levels in the party’s leadership they currently find themselves lodged or wedged in!

Najib and Muhyiddin ought to be ashamed of themselves for setting a wrong precedent to the rest of their party members!

For UMNO to remain relevant and have the moral grounds to continue leading the nation, its topmost leaders must be made of men who have the highest caliber and integrity to stand forth at our nation’s palladium of political power based upon their own leadership qualities and not one based upon political power-broking laced with allegations of money politics and fraud.

As I see it, UMNO’s present stable of leaders aren’t exactly the kind we can be proud of for their cowardice in not having their own courage to bite the electoral bullet so to speak and come out tops no matter what may be the outcome!

UMNO needs to break out of its self imposed decadent mold and be morally brave enough to really give us the transformation that they are currently trumpeting about at every given media opportunity!

The reality is that UMNO is just recycling worn out and exhausted questionable characters who despite being caught and charged with abuse of powers and position, money politics and other unmentionable screw ups are presented back to the nation under a new coat of political bullshit and media hogwash as if we are so damn gullible to their political antics!


That’s a laugh!

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