December 10, 2023


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Smartphone Repairs? Rana Communication Gadget Services at Plaza Low Yatoffers good service at reasonable fees!

In these modern times, everyone carries a smartphone that is capable of playing videos, this and that in accordance to the needs of telecommunication on a daily basis.

Just like us, telecommunication devices can also fall into disrepair and get damaged. The type pad can get worn out or accidentally falling down and get its screen cracked or even malfunction due to water damage!

So, what do you do when your beloved smartphone goes haywire or suffers a malfunction or accident?

If one is wealthy and can afford to buy a brand new smartphone with the latest features, no worries!

But if you are an average person who can’t simply dole out a few thousand ringgits to get a new latest version smartphone, the best thing to do would be to have your phone repaired!

I for one have come to know of a reliable smartphone technician who calls himself as Rana. His actual name is Mizanur Rahman but his nickname is Rana.

I don’t care what he calls himself for as far as I am concerned, I just want him to repair my phone if it gets damaged in any way to be back in good working order and able to satisfy my needs to have a good working phone that I can depend on!

When my smartphone got accidentally submerged in a river crossing when I was going jungle trekking last year, I thought there was no chance in hell for me to get my Samsung Galaxy Mini to be back in working order!

I did my fair share of checking around for a reasonable charging phone technician at Imbi Plaza, Plaza Low Yat and also at the Berjaya Times Square!
Most of the buggers I met were practically trying to do a number on dear ol’ me!

They were just interested in squeezing the life out of me in charging me a hand and a foot, figuratively speaking.

Rana @ Mizanur Rahman  who hails from Dhaka, Bangladesh has been living here in Malaysia since 2007 and he has been of service to so many people here in KL and also for those who come from all over the world!

He has been working at Plaza Low Yat for 4 years now.

Rana is ready to be of service to you ladies and gentlemen and repair your beloved smartphone as best as he can according to your budget.

He handles all kinds of phones. 

From those which are termed as ‘smartphones’ to the very basic ones which can only be of service to all.

Rana doesn’t rip you off and provides excellent service. He might be a tad shy to talk to you but he never fails to deliver!

I am a satisfied customer of Rana and wish him well in his service profession.

May you too be one. I met so many people who had read my last posting about Rana’s Services through my prior article on him here.

Its good to learn that my article on him and his smartphone services has reached so many people all over the world!

May Rana prosper well in the future and remain a true professional, offering his services to those in need! Insya Allah!

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