December 11, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Ramadhan al Mubarak to all Muslims! How it was back then and the way it’s observed today?

Alhamdulillah! All praises be to Allah, Lord of all the universe and our Supreme Creator, Who has provided for us Mankind all that we need and given us the Faculty of Reason as to decide what’s best for us and otherwise.

Today marks the first day of Ramadhan. The month most sacred to those of us who have faith in Him and are the followers of Muhammad Nabiyyi al Mustafa, Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam.

As Muslims, we live and abide to a certain code. A set of guidelines which Allahu Ta’ala set forth for us to live by and follow the Sunnah @ Example of His Greatest Prophet and Messenger to His entire Creation.

As being the Children of Adam Alaihis Salam, we who are members of the humankind need to protect and preserve the sanctity of Life and harmony in this world.

We all realize that we are said to be living now in the End Times. The ‘Akhirul Zaman’. An age where many values that were once heralded and celebrated amongst the various human societies are no longer being respected or put to practice anymore.

Ramadhan visits us again in our life. Today marks the very first day of fasting as commanded by Allah the Almighty and enjoined by our blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Not that many of us observe the dictates of Ramadhan. In these times, I see so many of those who proclaim and identify themselves as being Muslims focus so much more on doing business. Especially at the Ramadhan Bazaar’s.

Even a month or two before the coming of Ramadhan, various hotels and restaurants come up with their advertisements marketing their Ramadhan Buffets!

At posh hotels and restaurants, the costs of breaking fast at such places can run up to over RM160.00# or ++ per adult! Kids are charged 20 or 30% less or in some places, half of what is charged for the adult patron.

I somehow do not feel inclined to join such crowds. The feeling you get is not that enriching in terms of getting to share with our loved ones the special meals prepared usually with love at our home and the ‘kiasu’ atmosphere that hangs over the rushing or jostling crowds we see at the buffet spread.

Its not a conducive environment by which one observes and celebrates Ramadhan. The month of religious observance and piety which should be best engaged with one’s beloved family members, close relatives and friends.

Living here in Kuala Lumpur, one is sort of robbed of the kampong atmosphere. Here, almost everyone is on a ‘mind your own business‘ frame of mind.

Not that many living here in the many multi-storied apartments, condominiums or even terrace houses what more those secluded fancy bungalows interact with one another.

Everyone is more focused on themselves instead of establishing a better rapport with our neighbors. Some people are easy to befriend others and then there are those who shun coming into contact with anyone else who do not fit into their self-deduced social circle or strata.

I miss my childhood days back in the kampong where the spirit of neighborliness was very much alive. We would be more than happy in carrying over special seasonal home cooked or baked delicacies to be shared with our neighbors and they would reciprocate with their dishes.

In those times, people like us were without refrigerators and the cries of the ‘sawn ice block’ sellers would bring us children running out of our kampong houses and chase the man through the alleys and lanes of our village.

A block of ice would cost 20 or 30 sens and the man would cover the ice block with sawdust which would prevent the ice block from melting away too quickly! The sawdust covered ice block would then be wrapped with newspapers. 

We would grab hold of the newspaper covered ice block and walk quickly back to our homes to be handed over to our womenfolk who would prepare the iced drinks such as rose flavored syrup for the breaking of our fasts at sunset. 

There would also be some seeds which are called as ‘biji selasih’ in Malay which would be added to the rose flavored iced drink which would sort of gel into what you can see in this photo!


Very delicious! 😛

Sorry for tempting your fasting taste buds with such an enticing photo but I’m just reminiscing! Not intended at all. Giving you an idea of how things were back then.

Till we meet again.


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