February 22, 2024


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Jonker Walk Jinx ~ Nazri Aziz now promoting the Counterfeit Trade Night Market?

Jonker Walk (Photo Source)

I am referring to the recent brouhaha created by Dato Seri Nazri Aziz, the Malaysian Tourism Minister over the decision by the Chief Minister of Melaka, Dato Wira Ir.Haji Idris Haron to close down Jonker Walk to facilitate a smoother traffic flow in the historical city!

The question is why Nazri Aziz seems to be so gung ho about Jonker Walk’s closure?

Nazri seems to be encroaching into the  Melaka Chief Minister’s power and authority in deciding as to what is good for YAB Dato Wira Ir. Haji Idris Haron’s Melaka State Government’s official affairs?

Jonker Walk is infamous as the ‘counterfeit centre‘ in historical Melaka! There is nothing that the people of Melaka can be proud of especially when we all know about the type of business that goes on in the night market there!

Fake goods and imitation products are being sold to the travellers and tourists who flock to the night market. Read about enforcement officers raiding the night market and confiscating counterfeit goods here

Is Nazri Aziz supporting the counterfeiters by demanding the Melaka State Government to rescind its decision to close down the night market?

Is Jonker Walk the only tourist attraction that Melaka has to offer?


Melaka is our nation’s most historical state and the real attractions that we should be promoting about Melaka is its history and the heritage left behind by the world famous history of the Sultanate of Melaka!

The glorious ‘Empayar Kesultanan Melayu Melaka‘ had been the major reason why the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British colonial powers came to conquer the historical city in the first place!

That is what the Tourism Ministry should focus upon and help the Melaka State Government promote it’s heritage!

Not the ‘Jonker Walk’s infamous night market where the mainly Chinese traders tout counterfeit goods and rip off the unsuspecting tourists by selling fake goods branded as original

Read about another case concerning the counterfeiting trade that takes place there in Jonker Walk, here!

Nazri Aziz seems to have a penchant to champion anti-establishment negativity! He supported the notorious uncouth Namewee, the rapping rascal who insulted Islam and the Malays plus insulting the Malaysian national anthem with his own parody!

Despite the many protests from pissed off Malaysians who demanded that action be taken against the foul mouthed Chinese chauvinist  Nazri Aziz continued to give the troublemaker his total support! 

Even the Malaysian Cabinet rejected the fella but Nazri Aziz supports him!

Nazri Aziz needs to seriously look at the consequences of supporting such detrimental issues and instead look towards supporting the Melaka Chief Minister YAB Dato Wira Ir.Haji Idris Haron in promoting rightful attractions that the entire nation can be proud of in Melaka, the Historical State!

YAB Dato Wira Ir.Haji Idris Haron, the Chief Minister of the Melaka State Government surely has taken into consideration the various implications of allowing the Jonker Walk night market to continue!

The counterfeit trade that has been flourishing at the night market will surely be brought to a halt when the Melaka State Government puts a stop to it and brings back the state’s tourism activities to focus on legitimate and authentic heritage based tourist attractions.

If the Melaka Chief Minister capitulates to the demands of Nazri Aziz, then he is in danger of getting to be known as the ‘Flip Flop Chief Minister of Melaka’.

Let’s all hope that Idris Haron sticks to his guns and see to it that Jonker Walk Counterfeit Trade is no more!

Nazri Aziz should know better than to give support to any such illegal trade and let His Excellency, YAB Dato Wira Ir. Haji Idris Haron run Melaka on his own.

The Tourism Ministry ought to focus on highlighting our country’s legitimate tourist attractions and other heritage based events instead of going on to support contraband trade areas such as Jonker Walk over there in Melaka!

How about Petaling Street here in KL?

Does Nazri Aziz not know that Petaling Street is another notorious counterfeit items trading center? Counterfeit Capital of KL!

Maybe he would like to go endorse that notorious street market too?

A probable dialogue from a Cinabeng fake goods trader :

Psst! Wanna buy an original ‘copy’ Rolex?’ 

Shop at Jonker Walk or Petaling Street!

Pirated DVD’s? XXX VCD’s?

We are supported by the Tourism Minister himself! :D’

Counterfeit fragrances?

Countries such as France take steps to put a stop to the counterfeiters trade by destroying confiscated fake goods but here in Malaysia we have a Minister who is prone to supporting it inadvertently by asking that the night market which supports such piracy remain open!

Nazri Aziz surely couldn’t be that naive to overlook the fact that most of the traders there in Jonker Walk are selling counterfeit goods produced in China?

Read the report here.

By keeping Jonker Walk open, he will in a way be supporting such illegal trade!

Stop the counterfeit trade by closing down Jonker Walk! Melaka has much more legitimate attractions to offer!

Malaysia seriously needs to have wiser ministers than what we currently have!

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