December 10, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Wan Aina Batrisya – Nasyid Singer, Storyteller, Future Pilot – Live Performance!

After Jumaat prayers today, I went to have my lunch at Jalan Jujur, Bandar Tun Razak today. 

I saw this restaurant @ Three DND Catering Sdn Bhd and decided to have my lunch there as they were serving local Malay foods.

While I was having my lunch, I saw this petite energetic bundle of energy chattering away at a table nearby.

Seems that she was the granddaughter of the restaurant owners and it was a pleasure to see her chat animatedly with her father and was a joy to witness the youthful exuberance of this little child.

After my lunch, I called out to her and asked whether she had started schooling?

She was so excited to tell me about herself and wasn’t at all shy to share about her passion for the things she was studying at a religious school in Cheras Jaya.

I took the opportunity to record herself performing several nasyid songs and an impromptu kindergarten song performance!

I was the one getting overwhelmed by her energy and enthusiasm! 😛

May Allah bless Wan Aina Batrisya! 

She was so full of energy just like our nieces Nurul Athirah and Al Husna Batrisyia back in Kuantan where they were just so eager to perform for us when we visited them several years back!

These kids are so full of energy and brilliant. May Allah bless and protect them as they grow up. May they become good Muslimahs and be successful in their life’s.


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