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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Answering CH Hwe’s “What The Chinese People Want?”

by Syed Akbar Ali

I received a call last nite from an ultra Melayu friend who lambasted me for running CH Hwe’s opinion. He said he was going to boycott my Blog. I also received almost 100 comments and still receiving. Here is my quick reply to CH Hwe.

First of all no one likes corruption. There is no doubt about that. And I think there is one simple solution which I hope CH Hwe and his friends can help in making come true. It will not cost you a single sen. It is guaranteed to wipe out huge swathes of corruption in our country. Plus it will save you tons of money. It will lower the cost of living, make things cheaper and thereby lower inflation. 

Yes Mr CH Hwe this is the magic bullet to solve corruption in this country. And you can play a large part in it. Do read on.

Secondly at this juncture the Chinese people must be very careful what exactly do they want from the system that we have in this country. This system is a Malay-Muslim dominated system. The demographics show that as a percentage of the entire population the Chinese population is shrinking – to just over 25% of the population now and it will go lower to 20% and perhaps 15% all within the next 15 years. The Indian population is now at 8% and also shrinking as a percentage.

However in absolute numbers both the numbers of Chinese and Indians are increasing. There are more than 8.0 million Chinese now and there are more than 2.5 million Indians in the country. It is the number of Malays, bumiputras, Muslims that is increasing a lot faster – now almost 19 million of them. 

So if you dont like the present demographics, the demographics are only going “to get worse” for you. You must come to terms and learn to deal with this. 

I am not puitting this negatively – we must adapt to our environment. Assimilation and integration are different words with different meanings but these are the words that you must consider.  The Chinese in Indonesia have done it (and they are still Chinese), the Chinese in Thailand and the Phillipines have also done it.   

Thus far for the Chinese and most of everyone else this country has been a wonderful place to live in, to do business in and to raise a family.  My christian church friends say that Malaysia is ‘the land of milk and honey”.  And this did not happen by itself. It is good leadership and careful management of the needs and wants of the many races in the country for the past 58 years that have made this the land of milk and honey. 

If you are not convinced about this please look at our neighbours like Thailand, Phillipines, Indonesia, Myanmar and even Singapore. Except for Singaporee all the other countries became independent before us. Singapore is now the wealthiest nation (per capita GDP) on earth. But do you want to live there? Do you want to live in Thailand, Phillipines, Indonesia or Myanmar? 

For the Nanyang Chinese diaspora in the Siang Pau, Malaysia has been better than Thailand, Phillipines, Indonesia and even Singapore. This is the land of milk and honey. 

Yes there is corruption in this country – especially among the politicians.  But what I am really perplexed is if you are against corruption then why did you vote for the corrupt? 

You see it was Karpal Singh who said in Parliament (it is now recorded for history) that Anwar Ibrahim was suspected of being a homosexual.  Then it was Mat Sabu who publicly accused Anwar Ibrahim of the same thing. The issue here is not the morality of homosexuality – as some of my own commenters have been pointing out to me. That is not the issue.

The issue is 

1. it was Karpal Singh who accused Anwar of homosexuality in Parliament. Why did he do that? 
2. it was Mat Sabu who acused Anwar of homosexuality in public. Again why did he do that?

Bu after Anwar was kicked out, how come both of them (DAP and PAS) forget their own accusations against Anwar and hoisted him up as their leader?  This is what is quite perplexing. And as an anti-corruption crusader like yourself, can you please explain this strange behaviour as well?

Now for all you liberal, pro LGBT friends or fiends out there, please understand simple English – this is not a debate on the morality of homosexuality or cheating on your wife (though I am sure all that is debateable. But I am not debating or questioning the morality of Anwar Ibrahim’s sexual preferences here.  (Neither am I forfeiting the right to debate homosexuality or adultery). 

It is just a very simple case of ‘dulu awak tuduh Anwar korup, rasuah, peliwat, penzina, al juburi dsbnya’. It was YOU, YOU and YOU who accused him. Not me, not I, mot myself and not we. It was YOU, YOU and YOU.  Karpal Singh and Mat Sabu are on public record.

So how do you justify voting for the same Anwar Ibrahim? This is what beguiles me. 

And dont forget Anwar Ibrahim was found guilty and jailed for six years for the CORRUPT abuse of power of ordering the Police to arrest and torture one Ummi Hafilda Ali, a young Malay woman, who had written a letter that went public, accusing him of the same sexual misbehaviours.  

Now, is that the behaviour of an innocent, law abiding citizen and Deputy Prime Minister of a country? To order the Police to arrest and torture an innocent young woman and force her to retract her accusations against him?

What would have been the correct way to handle such a situation?  Shouldnt Anwar have sued Ummi Hafilda for RM100.0 million in Court to clear his name? 

Are you wondering why I say this? Because that is what Anwar has been doing now – suing people for RM100.0 Million to shut them up against making any  accusations against him. So why did he abuse his power as Deputy Prime Minister and ask the Police to arrest and torture Ummi Hafilda Ali  in 1997? 

So this is what is perplexing. If the Chinese community is so against corruption, then why do you vote for such a person like Anwar Ibrahim? 

Lets talk more about corruption and being transparent. Doesnt it bother the Chinese community who voted for the PR to ask Anwar Ibrahim to declare his assets?

You must know that he is not a poor man. Anwar Ibrahim is much more wealthier than most of you Chinese who have worked hard to earn your money. Yet Anwar Ibrahim does not work at all. He has no job or business. So where does he get his wealth? 

This is why I say the Chinese community (who voted for the PR) must be careful about what they say now. You must be very, very careful about what you say.

Do you seriously expect people to take you seriously when you still support Anwar Ibrahim because ‘you do not support corruption‘? You must really be joking.

If you say the entire UMNO is corrupted, then how do you explain the fact that your hero Anwar Ibrahim was kicked out of UMNO and then found guilty in Court for corrupt abuse of power ? ? 

You say UMNO is a rubbish bin (tong sampah). OK fine – this is a free country. You can say what you want about UMNO. But how come even when the ‘tong sampah’ kicked out Anwar Ibrahim you go and carry him on your head and vote for him?  You can support a ‘tong sampah’ reject? You must be really very sick. Very, very sick. 

You are being hypocritical. (Please read till the end – I have a suggestion how the Chinese community can help eradicate corruption completely).

Lets talk more about Anwar Ibrahim. How much money do you think he has in the banks all over the world? 

RM1.0 million? RM10.0 million? RM100.0 million? RM1.0 Billion? Ok lets switch currency. How about in Sing Dollars? How much money do you think he has in Sing Dollars?

S$1.0 million? S$10.0 million? S$100.0 million? S$1.0 Billion? Ok lets switch currency. How about in US Dollars? How much money do you think he has in US$?

US$1.0 million? US$10.0 million? US$100.0 million? US$1.0 Billion? How much money do you think he has? 

You must answer this question because:

i. he is very wealthy – more wealthy than most of you hard working Chinese
ii. he does not have a business or a 9-5 job
iii. you say you are ‘anti corruption‘.

The same goes for Azmin Ali, Khalid Ibrahim, Zaid Ibrahim, Mat Taib, Kadir Sheikh Fazir, Chua Jui Meng and the other ‘clean as a white sheet” former BN politicians who have jumped to the PR – just like Anwar Ibrahim.  All these people are very, very rich and wealthy people.

When they were in the BN you accused all of them of being corrupt. Now when they jump ship to PR do you seriously expect people to believe that they have suddenly become “clean as a white sheet” angels? 

And lets not forget the PAS or the DAP.  They are more corrupt than the BN. Fortunately they operate in a small area (Penang, Selangor, Kelantan). In the short time they ruled Perak, the two cousin guys have been implicated in many shady deals. Within 45 days of taking power they were already awarding tailoring contracts to wives and dearly beloved. They also landed 10,000 acres of land in Kelantan for themsleves.

And YB Massage Parlour became such an embarrasment for the DAP that they dropped him completely for the 2013 elections. I think his political career is finished. But so what? Sudah kaya mah. He is really reallr rich. Sudah makan cukup-cukup. And there are many rumours about the lady YB as well – she was dropped from the State line up for the same reason – sapu duit. 

Now if the UMNO or BN boys do the same – what would you call it? I cant hear you. Can you speak up a little louder. Did you say corruption? 

You also have the Talam scandal in Selangor. That is easily a billion Ringgit there. All cleverly hidden behind layers and layers of documents, contracts and different companies that will never be traceable. 

Again if the UMNO or BN boys do the same – what would you call it? I cant hear you. Can you speak up a little louder. Did you say corruption? 

Then Zaid Ibrahim and that Gobala fellow left the PKR because of rigging, fraud and cheating in the PKR party elections. I did not say this. This is what Zaid Ibrahim and Gobala said. Zaid set up his own party Kita. So the PKR cheated in their own party elections.

Again if the UMNO or BN boys do the same – what would you call it? I cant hear you. Can you speak up a little louder. Did you say corruption? 

The DAP also cheated in their party elections. Again I did not say this. DAP members themselves said this. They even filed reports with the ROS and there is an investigation still going on. 

And here is the really big killer that has come out of the ROS’ preliminary investigations – 750 DAP members who had voting rights were NOT invited to attend the party’s elections.  This is a question that is bigger, 10 times bigger than the fact that the votes were changed to allow Zairil Khir Johari Thomas Clarence Nuts And Peas a seat on the DAP’s CEC. Why were 750 members NOT invited to attend the DAP party elections? 

So here it is one more time – if the UMNO or BN boys do the same – what would you call it? I cant hear you. Can you speak up a little louder. Did you say corruption? 
So it is obvious that corruption IS NOT THE TOP OF YOUR WORRIES OR CONCERNS. 


This is why I say – the Chinese who voted for the Pakatan must be very careful what they say now.  What is it that you really want? Be specific. Put it on the table. Be honest. Then we can talk about it honestly. All this talking in circles does not help you or help anyone. 

Finally here is my suggestion to the Chinese community about how to eradicate corruption in this country. I address this to everyone, not just the Chinese, but because the Chinese who voted for the Pakatan point out that this is a major sore point with them, then here is a simple suggestion.

Get all the Chinese associations, the Chinese guilds, the Chinese clans, the Dong Zhong, the Chinese Chambers of Commerce, the Chinese temples and Meditation Societies to gather at the Thean Hou Temple in Seputeh, the Kek Lok Si Temple, the Chinese Assembly Hall in Kuala Lumpur or anywhere else that is appropriate and make a sacred vow that beginning from today NO CHINESE shall offer a single bribe to any Government official.

This is a simple, easy peasy, cost free, most effective, assured of 100% success solution. This suggestion of mine guarantees 100% success.

Just make a sacred vow, in your mother’a name, your father’s name, in the name of your ancestors etc – that you will NEVER pay even one sen in corruption to any Policeman or to any Government servant.   Even if they torture you, even if they tie your hands and roast you over the fire you will NEVER belanja minum, belanja karaoke, belanja shopping for any Policeman or Government servant.

And live up to your vow. It will certainly kill corruption in the country. And here is the best part – at zero cost. You will wipe out corruption without having to spend a single sen.

Now you may ask why target the Chinese. I say friend, please grow up ok. The Government is almost 100% Malay. The huge majority of businessmen who pay the corrupt Civil Servants are still Chinese. You know it, I know it even the neighbour’s cat knows it.

So make a vow that you will NEVER pay a single sen in corruption money to any Civil Servant.

Now, please note that I am not being cruel. If I want to be cruel, then I will ask you to extend your vow to cover private sector corruption as well. That is about 10 times bigger than corruption in the Civil Service.  Maybe a 100 times bigger. But we will leave that for another day.

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