February 27, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

The Message of Muhammad, God’s Last Messenger to All Mankind! Have you learned it yet?

Dear brothers and sisters,
Those of you who are reading this. Have you embraced Islam yet? 

If you have, then surely you must know how Muhammad our blessed Prophet struggled so much to deliver to us humankind, the Message of Islam, Allah’s Way of Life for us to live by?

We who are living in these Last Ages today, are facing the recurrence of Jahiliyyah @ Ignorance all over again as many amongst us fail to uphold our Creed of Islam and Observance of all that Allah the Almighty God of us all has revealed to us through Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Although I have published many other articles relating to the availability of this full movie based upon the Story of The Message of Islam brought to us by Allah’s Final Messenger, the need to remind ourselves of the need to always refresh our memories and knowledge about how tough it was for Prophet Muhammad the Blessed Messenger and his esteemed Companions to help their people to finally come to realize the folly of their paying obeisance to their inanimate objects of worship that they had crafted themselves?

The movie above is one of the best film productions of all time directed by the renowned Moustapha Akkad. 

It has been verified to its authenticity of depicted events based upon the true hadiths of the Prophet and acknowledged by the learned scholars of Islam worldwide.

Maybe many of you do not know that You Tube keeps removing this particular video from its listings?


Who knows?

You Tube is not owned by Muslims, is it? Hence, it could be a way by those who do not wish to see many more of their brethren come to realize that only Islam is the faith that was revealed to us Mankind from Allah, God Almighty!

I learned of many instances where this movie has helped awaken those who were nonchalant about their faith of Islam and made them resolve to improve their knowledge and understanding of their Islamic faith once again.

Yes, many of us take Islam for granted and fail to see that without proper understanding and knowledge of our very own faith, there are chances that we might just go slack with our practices and slip up in our connection with Our Supreme Lord, Allahu Rabbul Alamin!

Watching how it must have been for the Sahabah of Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam makes me feel so insignificant because they really suffered just to be able to testify that ‘There’s no other god but Allah!’ 

Here we are living today with all our latest gadgets and scientific technological advancements yet there are billions out there suffering from all kinds of physical, mental and spiritual problems.

There are so many people today who despite being rich are so lost and do not know who to turn to when their hearts are empty and longing for love.

There are those who despite being young and pretty end up getting abused, hurt and destroyed because they failed to protect themselves from being taken advantage of by the smooth talking devils in disguise out there.

Not a day goes by without us reading about another innocent life getting raped and killed by those who no longer bother to care about the suffering that they cause others in their submitting to their baser self’s. All that they care for is their lusts! Everything else can just go to hell!

Islam came to deliver Mankind from darkness. The Light of God to help guide us to His Mercy. The Prophet Muhammad is forever hailed as Allah’s Mercy for all Creation. What more for us, the Children of Adam Alaihis Salam?

In the movie, you will witness how Sayyidina Bilal al Habshi, the black Abyssinian slave suffered so much at the hands of his Quraysh Makkah Arab master for having embraced Islam which didn’t differentiate between mankind?

You will also see the depictions of how the early Makkah Muslims were tortured and persecuted for their belief in just One God! You will cringe to see how the movie showed the martyrdom of Sumayyah, the first Muslim woman who died defending her faith in Allah!

I don’t think many amongst us today are as dedicated or committed to die for our beliefs but if it came to such a situation for me, I’d hold fast to my faith and die as a true believer in Allahu Rabbul Alamin!

We might be saying about it but over there in Myanmar, the Rohingyan Muslims are being massacred and killed by the so called ‘peace loving’ Buddhists including their monks!!!

Malaysians especially those who are Muslims ought to count our blessings and be grateful that we are still able to practice our faith in relative peace and free to go about as Muslims. 

If the 13th GE had gone the other way around, chances are that such freedoms and rights would come to an end as there has been cases where even the calling out of the Azan was being challenged by those who have yet to realize the truth and beauty of Al Islam.

May Allah bless us here in Malaysia and see to it that Islam is understood for what it truly is and embraced by all those who want to be close with Allah, our God Almighty!


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