December 2, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysia’s Slippery than an Eel Corrupt Politicians

If there is one thing that many of us citizens are exasperated with nowadays is to see a number of Malaysian politicians who despite being accused of nefarious activities that involve criminal activities ranging from squirreling away hundreds of millions if not billions of money that should have gone into the coffers of the Federal and State Government’s Treasury getting away with it by just shrugging off any such accusations against them! 

The recent surfacing of a video posted by an international environment group called Global Witness exposing cousins of Sarawak’s Chief Minister Taib Mahmud stating on video captured by a hidden camera in a sting operation by the said group seems not to arouse even the slightest whimper by this country’s so called Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission or any follow up by the Federal Government’s Banking or Financial authorities.

Here is the said video: 

Think that by now, the Malaysian authorities would be up and about with their crack squad to apprehend the swindling cousin sisters of Taib Mahmud or go on the hunt for their lawyer who bragged to the Global Witness sting operative of having funneled away hundreds of millions of ringgits in the form of RPGT @ Real Property Gains Tax monies that should have gone into the Malaysian government’s Tax coffers but now safely banked into their offshore accounts set up in Singapore?

No sirree! Nothing of the sort!

Not a news media or even those social media such as pro government blogs are keen to even publish a teeny meeny sentence highlighting such an explosive expose about the financial crime of this decade where Sarawakians are being explicitly robbed of hundreds of millions of ringgits whch could be used to enrich the lives of the millions of poor Sarawak natives and citizens of the largest state in the Malaysian Federation!

All these years we have been reading about the humongous wealth of Taib Mahmud and his family who are said to have amassed billions of ringgit’s worth in properties and assets overseas by sucking out the juice from Sarawak but till yesterday no one had succeeded in obtaining such damning evidence like what Global Witness have succeeded with!

You think the old man would be perturbed or crestfallen having such an expose laid out in the open like what has taken place yesterday?

Nah! The chap just pooh poohed away the evidence and drove off like it is nobody’s business to question him and his family’s ‘ill gotten gains’. Watch:

As mere citizen’s there’s not much that we can do! As a blogger, this is the most that I can as an independent Malaysian Muslim blogger share from sources that are readily found on the internet and after checking with my sources as to the authenticity of the above published videos in You Tube with you, my reader.

The onus is now upon the Malaysian authorities if they are really truly serious about eradicating any such wrong doings in their administration to do something about a swindling case as serious as this! 

I leave it to you to decide what you are going to do about it as well.

Now, apart from the swindling sisters as in the case above together with their clearly conniving advocate & solicitor who is caught so clearly on the first video confessing to have swindled away hundreds of millions in ringgits that should have been paid to the Malaysian Federal Government’s Treasury in the form of Real Property Gains Tax money and now safely stashed in their offshore accounts set up in Singapore, Asia’s newest ‘Swiss banks’, there is another notorious politician who can be best described as the one who is more slippery than a Sarawakian eel!

This bloke is accused of so many vile things that would make the world’s worst crooks go red with embarrassment for their failure to keep up with him.

He is currently in the mainstream news again for sordid reasons. Malaysia has got into the wrong kind of news worldwide because of this chap. He is officially earning just a measly ringgit as the Selangor Government’s financial adviser but jet sets like nobody’s business.

Goes around the country like American President Barack Hussein Obama Jr in a luxurious bus with all the trimmings of a billionaire’s RV. Has been accused of being the brains and financier behind the recent Sulu Syaitan’s armed intrusion of Sabah’s Lahad Datu and other areas. 

As usual, he has vehemently denied all such accusations and claims that all these are the work of UMNO and their agents, trying to plaster him with accusations ranging from being the main man who has sold out our country’s State of Sabah sovereignty to his MNLF friend, Nur Misuari and the annoyingly dubious and fake Sulu Sultanate claimant, Jamalul Kiram III. 

Now, several photos showing what appears to be images of him having a homosexual tryst with a Caucasian looking male is being plastered all over the cyberspace in a move seen to derail his credibility as the Malaysian Opposition’s choice to be their Prime Ministerial candidate IF they ever win in the coming 13th Malaysian General Elections!

Personally, I pray that such a calamity never befalls our country! 

The BN aren’t exactly squeaky clean as we all know by now but given the alternative set of so called leaders making up the loose Opposition coalition consisting of the DAP demons after power, the kowtowing PAS holier than thou gang and the don’t give a rat’s ass retinue of LGBT loving riff raff of the PKR, I’d still vouch for the current BN coalition.

Yes, we can use a brand new BN PM and a new Home Minister who’d have the guts or the balls to do what we all expect a Home Minister to wield in times of crisis but its not in our power to do all that.

All we can do is to vote for whom we believe will still deliver despite their shortcomings but we will definitely not allow any of the Pakatan Penyamun’s to have it their way in the future.

Every Malaysian citizen worth his or her name who has the faculty of sight, hearing and ability to think clearly and rationally will know not to ever repeat the mistake of voting in the slippery than a slimy eel kind of politicians who are being referred to here in this article.

No more for the swindling bugger over there in Sarawak or the nefarious one over here in the Peninsular. The Malaysian Federal authorities should really go after the one who has funneled away the hundreds of millions if not billions in ringgits of RPGT monies into the Singapore offshore accounts which they have confessed to setting up in the secretly recorded video.

As for the swinging randy andy who has been featured in many of such scandalous exploits that can’t be accepted of one who seeks to be this nation’s next premier, I leave that to you the Malaysian voting public to decide as to how you will vote come the 13th Malaysian GE?

Its like a now you see them ; now you don’t with these videos. This afternoon, they were gone. Now they are available again! What gives?

Anyway, here’s one from Al Jazeera showing us some portion of the now missing from You Tube video :

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