April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Petronas Misleading Promotion Ad! Pure Fiction!!!

Those of us who frequent the Petronas Service Stations know that this ad by Petronas claiming to go the extra mile by offering its motorist customers these added services is nothing but pure fiction!

I have been frequenting Petronas service stations all these years and the most that I have experienced is some hardworking Bangladeshi petrol pump attendants willingly come and wipe clean the front and back windscreens of our car.

Local Malaysian service station staff have seldom bothered to do even that. 

To see this ad this morning as I fuelled up at the Petronas Service Station before Menara PGRM Cheras prompted me to take a snap of the bullshitting ad and share my angst here with you.

Do not over promise what you obviously can’t do! Once in a blue moon maybe —- but daily??? Come on! Who is Petronas kidding?

Who amongst you the readers here have had your car freshened up with a free spray of the air fresheners as Petronas promises to have its attendants do here?

Have a Petronas service station attendant actually take the time and bother to give your dashboard a cleanup?

I’m really curious.


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