December 10, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

CIA insider tells 911 truth. America has been lying all along!

As we move on to the month of September, rest assured that America will once again rile up the passions and emotions of its brainwashed citizens into not forgetting the 11th September, 2001 wilful massacre of 3000 over of its citizens and those from other countries who were turned into collateral damage to validate America’s plans to invade Afghanistan and Iraq!

Again the chosen scapegoat of their raging hatred will be the Muslims! Iraq and Afghanistan have already been carpet bombed back to the Stone Age and American forces continue to occupy both countries to this day and have no intention to leave the oil rich lands which they have settled in to suck such nations dry.

Iran has now been targeted as their next Middle Eastern country to be ravaged under the pretext that Iran poses a danger to Israel, America’s protectorate and bosom buddy country.

You can bet that America will be launching their attack on Teheran very soon and they have already set up so many military bases all over Saudi Arabia and the neighboring Middle Eastern countries to do just that.

As usual, the world would be mere spectators and none would dare to stop both the American and Israeli assault against Iran. The Soviets are no more. Russia and China might have the military arsenal and manpower to stop such an assault but in reality, will they bother to rally their forces to counter such an attack?

God knows?

Back to the topic of 9-11, new evidence shows that eyewitnesses to what really took place on the fateful day have and are slowly being killed off one by one in mysterious circumstances.

Watch this video:

Despite multitudes of videos exposing American coverup of the actual causes which led to the demolition of the World Trade Towers by using specialized explosives which destroyed the cores of the twin towers which were said to be indestructible by experts and scientists, Americans continue to be hoodwinked by the US Federal Government to this day.

Witness the following videos by
Shows how heartless those who planned this massacre can be? So many lives wasted! So many innocents butchered and massacred! Surviving eyewitnesses sought out and exterminated over these years. Why? Because of greed, lust for power and an insatiable lust for world dominion!

Here’s another eyewitness video. 

Better download and save it because who knows if the perpetrators get around to deleting it!

Here are more full length explosive videos showing us how America staged the 9-11 demolition of its own WTC Twin Towers in New York:

Be prepared to witness what’s gonna transpire after this? I fear that millions of Iranians are now in danger of being obliterated and the world’s Muslims won’t be able to do nothing about it given the type of cowards we have masquerading as the leaders of the Muslim countries today.

To cap it off, check out what one brave American Congressman had to say about the lies President George W.Bush Jr had been spewing to the American people all these while?

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