February 22, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Touch n Go users Beware! Karak LPT MTD staff screwup!!!

Those of you who are heading towards the East Coast and using your Touch n Go card to pay for your toll, AVOID using the extra TNG lane at the Karak Toll!

Why? Because the MTD staff using their handheld manual card Touch n Go machine screwed up when they took my Touch n Go card and ‘pretended’ to register my toll card there!

When we reached the Gambang Touch n Go toll, I was shocked when RM21 was deducted from my card!

The usual toll is RM16.90!

Not only did we not get a discount as the government has been broadcasting over the media channels, we were in fact OVERCHARGED!!!

I was not happy and promptly parked over at the area near the MDT office after the toll and went over to ask the security manning the entrance gate to the office permission to speak to the administrative officers.

The old Malay guard simply said ‘Office Touch n Go Tak Dak!’

I realized that the bloke was one of those ‘Dumb blur’ types and sensed that I’d be wasting my time trying to explain to the obviously clueless chap as to what was my problem and crossed over to complain to the toll gate operator.

She immediately understood that I had been overcharged and told me that if my Touch n Go card had not been properly registered at the Karak toll gate, there will be a flat charge of RM21 for exiting at the Gambang toll gate.

I told her that the Karak MDT staff @ a fat Malay bespectacled girl had taken my card and used a handheld manual Touch n Go machine to register my card and promptly handed over my card back to me as if she had registered my Touch n Go card there at Karak!!!


I had to hand over my Touch n Go card together with my MyKad which were photocopied and then asked to sign an OVERCHARGING complaint form at the Gambang toll exit.

A staff named Azlin was the one who handled my case and said that it will take at least a month for them to investigate the matter and if found to be true, only then will the overcharged toll be reimbursed to me!

THIS REALLY PISSED ME OFF and fouled up my ‘Balik Kampong’ joyful mood!

Damn that MTD staff for screwing up my day! @#$%^&!!!

I am fasting so I have to hold my temper in check! 🙁

So, all those of you who have yet to fall victim to that MTD staff, BEWARE and DO NOT USE THE EXTRA TNG LANE AT THE KARAK TOLL heading towards the East Coast!

That is if you do not wish to end up getting overcharged like me!

God knows how many other motorists have ended up getting fleeced???

And could the MTD employ educated guards who have at least some common sense in them before stationing them at the toll areas?

Its frustrating enough to fall victim to your inept staff; its even more taxing upon us to have to face your dumbass guards!

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