December 3, 2023


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NASA’s ‘Curiosity’ Rover has landed on Planet MARS!

Congratulations to NASA on their successful landing of their rover ‘Curiosity’ on Planet MARS!

This is just like something out of a science fiction movie but this is for real! That is if no one can prove that it is all a hoax like what they accused the moon landing before!

There has been several other MARS Rover’s sent by NASA to the red planet but due to the dusty condition of Martian soil, some of them got stuck and couldn’t go exploring the alien planet.

Thus NASA has spent quite a huge amount of dollars on developing their latest state of the art Martian Rover @ Curiosity! Here’s a video showing it :

MARS is 34.8 million miles away from Earth. It will take 8.4 months time to travel at 24790 miles per hour to MARS each way to and fro! This is the data published here.

Star Trek might just come to be in our times. 🙂

‘Beam me up Scotty!’ 😛

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