April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Muammar Gaddafi socked it to the Arab Hypocrite Leaders!

I just came across this You Tube video showing how Allahyarham Muammar Gaddafi, the eccentric Libyan leader who was killed last year in an uprising by CIA backed Libyan rebels haranguing the beleaguered leaders of the Arabian world directly!

I say this based upon the truth that the rebels had modern automatic assault weapons and ammunition plus other advanced military arsenal which even the Libyan Army didn’t possess.  

Most of what he spoke of is true! The Arab puppets just sat be-smirking the Libyan President as he shot off his accusations at them to their face. Syrian President Bashar Assad was grinning away as Gaddafi warned them that their turn will come as what befell Saddam Hussain!

Watch and read the translations as they show us what Gaddafi said to the seated Arab leaders!

There is also another You Tube video showing how Gaddafi had planned to introduce the Gold Dinar as an alternative trading currency to dislodge the US Dollar from being used in the global oil trade!

This could have been one of the reasons why the Western powers wanted to have Gaddafi removed from power? 

The US Federal Reserve admitted to not having purchased gold since 1934! Watch the video above when US Congressman Ron Paul asked the representative of the US Federal Reserve as to how much gold it has in stock?

Iraqi President Saddam Hussain who once mooted the idea to trade his country’s oil using the Euro and not the US Dollar was ultimately killed by the USA for proposing such a move which would have derailed American economy if it had not invaded Iraq and removed him!

As more and more of these videos are released on You Tube, eventually those of us who had been hoodwinked into believing what the Western media had been deluding us with, we will finally get to see the bigger picture and learn of how the US and its NATO allies have been pulling a fast one on us all!

There’s talk about the Illuminati having a hand in all these but one needs to study further about this mysterious grouping before commenting any further. 

Whether its fact or mere fiction, only God knows?

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