February 22, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

‘Hi!’ instead of ‘Assalamualaikum!’ ~ Indoctrination

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!

Dear fellow Muslims especially those of you living here in Mamluk al Malaisie.

Now, how many times have we been greeted with a ‘Hi!’ instead of a Salam when obviously the person greeting us at the service stations, retail shops, supermarkets, fast food restaurants and other service oriented companies or businesses which we frequent are also our fellow Muslims albeit they being youngsters, etc.?

Now, from my own experiences when I questioned them as to why they didn’t greet us with our rightful Islamic greeting which is the Salam, they will usually respond that it is their company policy to use that expression!

Now, if the particular company’s owners happen to be Non Muslims, I can understand their obvious reasons and stands as to why their policy is as such? 

Now, what I can’t understand is the lack of commonsense on the part of the individuals who happen to be Muslims as well but still prefer to not accord to their obviously Muslim customers such as myself and others like me our rightful greetings of the Muslim Salam?

Can we just broadly brush them all as ignorants? That would be jumping to conclusions and unfair to those young chaps and lassies, wouldn’t it? 

What I would like to suggest to our Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs is to stipulate to all business owners that they should make it a company policy not to stifle their Muslim staff from according to their Muslim customers their rightful forms of greetings which would in fact increase the rapport between their Muslim staff and their Muslim customers further inducing an increase of sales where satisfied and happy customers would visit their business outlets more frequently thus bringing in more sales that would benefit all concerned!

A satisfied customer who is happy with the exuberance and courtesy extended to him or her by such considerate service staff would definitely want to return to the particular sales outlet more frequently bringing in more ringgits to the cash register, wouldn’t they?

Think logic! 

This same courtesy can be extended to our fellow Malaysians who are not Muslims as well. They could greet their customers with the usual run of the mill ‘Hi! Welcome to …… (whatever business outlet it happens to be?) and accord to them the usual niceties one would expect when being served by the staff or service employee?

It’s the fundamental aspect of Sales & Marketing. Customer Satisfaction! That’s the key to drawing more sales and increasing any businesses revenue! 

If you fail to take care and capture the hearts and minds of the paying customers, then you are surely in track to go bust and suffer from the lack of returning customers to whatever business or venture it is that you have ventured into and pumped in precious capital expecting a windfall in return?

From my own observances, most of these apathetic culprits are those who are employed at the shoe stores in most shopping malls. The sales staff especially those comprising of the salesgirls or ladies are usually yak yakking away as they damn well please amongst themselves totally ignoring or pretending not to see the customers milling about the shoe racks and browsing on their own without due attention from those parasites in sales uniforms!

Go on and experience it yourself today at any one of the numerous shoe stores we have in our nation’s many malls! Chances are that 9 out of 10 times, you stand to be left to your own devices when it comes to getting the appropriate guidance and assistance from the couldn’t care less sales ‘staff’ not earning their keep there in those malls?

It would truly be your lucky day if by a fluke you happen to be attended to by a smiling and attentive, knowledgeable service staff! You could also count your blessings if that one in a million capable service staff is also fluent in your chosen language and knows his or her stuff so to speak?

More often than not, you’d be saddled with the clueless in KL or whatever town or city you happen to be shopping in who’d not know suede from tarpaulin or canvas what more be able to tell you whether your chosen shoe is made out of genuine leather or the run of the mill pseudo stuff they try to pass of as the real McCoy?

Frankly speaking, if I am to continue writing about the many heartaches that one would not be spared from having to endure in one’s shopping trips here in Bolehland, this article would definitely be running on and on without a stop or break because there’s just so many painful moments that would make one’s average shopping experience here in Bolehland likened to ‘A Nightmare in the Shopping Mall’ if there ever has been such a horror movie with such a scary title?

Back to my main point of contention.

Customers ought to be addressed with the rightful pleasantries by the service staff at our business outlets in order to promote that culture of civility and correct business culture if we really wish to see our domestic trade be up and booming?

The service staff ought to be properly trained in all areas especially where it involves the first contact between a service staff and the potential customer?

Many a sales opportunity has been ruined due to a common lack of respect and civility from a service staff to a potential customer thus robbing the businesses which are running from getting the intended sales by the business proprietors lack of concern in equipping their front line sales staff with all the necessary skills and knw how in attending to their targeted customers or clients? 

It starts with that Salam or your run of the mill ‘Hi!’ or ‘Welcome!’!

I for one prefer it to be the Muslim greeting ~ Assalamualaikum!’ which means ‘Peace be upon you’.

Is it that hard or offensive that Non Muslim business owners do not encourage their Muslim sales staff from greeting their Muslim customers with when such customers or clients walk in to their premises?

Think and reconsider your business policies IF you wanna tap into the huge sales potential that a slight shift in company policy can bring to your sales records or achievements?

That is if you wanna smile and grin broadly at the end of each prosperous day or night when your cash registers overflows with the ringgits coming from your increasing number of sales by learning how to capture your client’s satisfied hearts?

Having said all that, I wish you all a blessed Jumaat! May we all prosper and gain more by learning how to keep each other happy and feel good with all the positive vibes and niceties that we are all capable to dispense with and contribute to the well being of not only our own self’s but also those of our fellow Malaysians and everybody else who happen to be living here in our beloved homeland.

Malaysians can do it!

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