December 10, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysian Political War of Perceptions.

As the 13th Malaysian General Elections draw closer, you can’t help noticing the Malaysian political war of perceptions getting more explosive by the day!

The newspaper headlines scream about this and that scandal without fail and those who appear on these headlines are often those who have had their days in the sun but now wanna make a comeback no matter what?

As the saying goes , ‘whatever kind of publicity is still good publicity!’ for these has been’s and they’ll pull all kinds of stunts just to get their name on the news reports!

Former Perak Menteri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin is one such person and the man has sort of developed a tarpaulin like face skin where he’ll just grin his way through whatever stunts or gimmicks he pulls through! As long as he gets his mugshot displayed prominently on the front pages, he’s a happy man!

As for his latest news of getting grilled by the Johor State Police for questioning the RM520000 costing WWW1 number plate bought by the Sultan of Johor, I don’t think that he was that wrong in airing his views which the general public would tend to concur with!

I mean, isn’t it preposterous for the monarch to splurge on something that surely is a sign of egoism ~ paying so much for a number plate? Isn’t it enough that the Malay Royals are already living a life full of pomp and pageantry whilst there are still some of their subjects living in abject hardcore poverty?

When we die, the Angels of the Grave aren’t going to ask,’ Excuse me sir, what car did you drive or what was your car’s number plate?’

Hell No! They’d ask us the same old questions that everyone else is subjected to?

  • Maa Rabbuka? ~ Who’s your Lord?
  • Maa Nabiyyuka? ~ Who’s your Prophet?
  • Maa Imammuka?~ Who’s your Imam?
  • Maa Qiblattuka?~ What’s your Qiblat?
  • Maa Ikhwannuka? ~ Who are your friends?
The Malay Royalty have not been as quick to respond when there were certain parties questioning and lambasting the position of Islam recently as the Crown Prince of Johor was quick on the draw defending his father’s splurging of more than half a million ringgits on a vanity of obtaining the much hyped number plate!

I wish that he and others in the Malay Royalty will prove themselves to be just as worthy of holding the position of the Heads of Religion as far as having authority over anything pertaining to the Islamic Affairs of this nation.

Moving over to the matter of perceptions involving the Malaysian political conundrum, it is quite obvious that the current political scenario is made up of this party saying this and the other party counters with a salvo of its own? 

Nothing really concerning the day to day affairs of the public but rather a media stunt after another making mountains out of molehills drawing the public into another useless argument after another!

At the end of the day, you and I will each have to struggle to make our ends meet whilst those flush with cash will go about splurging like nobody’s business! The really good ones in the Malaysian political arena will still play second fiddle to those who bribe their way through and lubricate the wheels of power to secure their desired positions.

Too much emphasis is placed on rhetoric whilst nothing concrete really comes to be in this war of perceptions. Do gooders have no space or platform to do their thingy whilst frivolous circus acts get prominent coverage and support from the media moguls who are all clamoring to gain the favors of the titled ones.

I really hope that the Malaysian public will be more politically conscious of what holds water and what is just another mirage waiting to dissipate before their very own eyes when the Malaysian political heatwave blows through after the 13th GE is over?

Over there in Kelantan, there seems to be another flash in the pan theatrics to milk the unsuspecting public to fill up the coffers of a pseudo company in the guise of building another highway under the illusion of it being a toll free road! 
Those sporting religious garb and attire almost always seem to be able to get away with it when they start using ‘Wakaf’ as part of their campaign to tap into the public’s funds and proclaim it to be another brilliant effort by the never say die MB to accomplish something before he really kicks the bucket so to speak!

Head on over to RBF Online to read more as to how the given bank account number belongs to another company @ Rowstead Systems Sdn Bhd that was also caught in a legal case but is projected as Baldah Toyyibah (Prasarana) Kelantan Sdn. Bhd ~ the company said to undertake the construction of the toll free 73km highway between Kota Bharu and Kuala Krai in Kelantan!

On one side we have splurging Malay Royals ; then we have the secularists in the BN doing their thingy and on the opposing side we have these shenanigans milking the general public using all kinds of false pretenses!

Damn! Malaysians are getting screwed from every corner! 

Will we ever get those who are really trustworthy to govern over us? From the way things look at the moment, that my friends seems to be a distant dream that will never come to be for we are at a dire loss of getting someone really sincere in getting this nation to progress and prosper in the near future!

Right now, its every crook for his or her own self!


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