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Malaysian Political Drama Begins ~ The PAS – UMNO Talks Circus

As the 13th Malaysian General Election dateline looms closer, again we hear of the PAS-UMNO Muzakarah carrot being dangled by the ‘infallibles’ who have sold their soul to the devil and are now willing to sit and discuss issues that have remained as a thorn in the Malaysian Muslims side!

Frankly speaking, I used to be one of those who harbored hope that the two opposing major Malaysian Muslim political parties would be able to put aside their differences for the sake of ensuring the future of the dominant population of Malaysia in all areas of our life.

But sad to say, I don’t think this will ever happen. Not in my lifetime anyway. The PAS current leadership are prone to pontificate and label their political opponents in UMNO as those who are hypocrites and at times even brand them as kaffirs! 

Nik Aziz the PAS Spiritual Head and Chief Minister of Kelantan Darul Naim for the past 22 years has always remained adamant not to have anything to do with UMNO and he is on record to have said ‘Gi Jahanam dengan UMNO!‘ which means ‘to Hell with UMNO!

Nik Aziz has never regretted saying so as proven in the following video:

Nik Aziz has also reiterated several times before that such talks between PAS and UMNO will further split his party! Watch this news report:

In a sense Nik Aziz may have his points because to date the UMNO led Malaysian Federal Government has yet to truly uphold and implement the true Syariah Laws and Codes of Islamic Governance ever since the BN @ Barisan Nasional have come into power ruling Malaysia.

The current Syariah Courts of this said to be ‘Islamic Country’ are in actuality a farce and often made to be the subject of ridicule by law practitioners both in the Civil and Syariah Courts itself.

Thus Nik Aziz has his reasons well grounded to not wanting to have anything to do with the likes of UMNO’s present leaders. The reality that Islam is just given ‘lip service’ by those ruling over Putrajaya can’t be simply dismissed off by anyone who is for truth and justice that is called for in Islam.

The sad thing about this stalemate between PAS and UMNO is that there are yet to be anyone worthy and capable of bringing about a compromise between the two opposing factions in the Malaysian Muslim ummah. 

No one has come forth to really make any difference to the ‘cold war’ raging between the two mainly Malay Muslim political parties and in each party we see a general reluctance from any well grounded up and coming leader or leaders to really take the bull by its horns so to speak and bring forth a reconciliation between PAS and UMNO.

Anyone who dares to go against the party leadership will immediately be cut off and delegated to the backwaters of their party’s hierarchy. Thus everyone tries to play safe and dare not rock their boat to avoid being cut off from their climb up to the top. Its like a snake and ladders game. 

The slightest screw up or diarrhea of the lip will see them tumbling down the political rungs and back to square one. Some are permanently disregarded as the political has beens and will never ever get to see the light at the end of their gloomy political tunnels. They might just forget about staging a comeback or risk being scandalized again in the media or party circuits.

So to me as a political observer and Muslim blogger, I have to face the facts that such a union between PAS and UMNO will never come about in my lifetime because both parties are led by those who are too egoistic and damn stubborn to change their ways for the better.

UMNO is currently being led by its second weakest President in the party’s political history and there are many disgruntled citizens of this country who long for the firm leadership that was once put to practice by its 4th President, the now retired Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad and still hailed by many as UMNO’s best ever leader to date. Respected and reviled at the same time by both his friends and foes, Tun Dr.Mahathir’s voice still carries weight and whenever he speaks on anything, all parties are all ears!

UMNO’s current President Dato Seri Haji Mohd Najib Tun Razak is not known to be a firm and courageous leader. He came into office on a fluke after his predecessor the 5th PM Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was practically hounded out of office by his former boss Tun Dr.Mahathir after the latter threw Mahathir’s ‘Crooked JB-Singapore Causeway Bridge’ project out and ruined the octogenarian’s plans in which he had so much vested interests.

Najib’s cousin Dato Seri Hishamudin Tun Hussein Onn who is unfortunately the nation’s Home Minister has not proven himself to be worthy of that important office and ministry. 

Hishamudin at time and times again failed to come up to mark and he has disastrously mishandled political insurrections and street protests organized by the country’s Opposition and leftist NGO’s and now totally supported by the Malaysian Bar Council and the Malaysian Human Rights Commission @ SUHAKAM!

All these have come to be due to the weakness of both these ruling cousins who lack the temerity and firm leadership that the country needs. We do not have any viable alternatives either for PAS has made a pact with the anti-Islam DAP @ Democratic Action Party and the renegade wannabe PM at all costs, the liberal and pluralistic former 3rd Deputy Prime Minister during Mahathir’s administration, the ever antagonizing PKR’s ‘Adviser’ Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim!

So we Muslims are practically caught between the proverbial Devil and the Deep Blue Sea! We can’t wholeheartedly endorse UMNO because of the weak leadership they currently possess but are also not willing to go back up PAS for the very reason that behind them looms the Islamophobic leadership of the DAP and the anything goes hodge podge equally anti Islam gang under the banner of the PKR!

Most of my like minded friends in the blogging community have no choice but to be against the Opposition Pact for the sheer reasons described above that we would rather choose the lesser evil between the two!

UMNO needs to spring clean its ranks and file if it hopes to be seen as suitable partners to an Islam oriented PAS but the latter today has also sadly sidelined its ‘Islamic State’ vision that it had rallied for all these years since breaking ranks with the ruling coalition.

The obstinate leaders of UMNO who continue to exhibit leadership weaknesses on their part such as not being able to live as true practicing Muslims by being overly engaged in living a life of opulence and luxury whilst allowing their wife or wives to go about as if still living in the ignorant 60s lifestyle is another sore point that PAS leaders continue to rub it in in their political ‘ceramahs’ further driving the political chasm apart between their supporters and those of UMNO!

See how opulent is the lifestyle of the current PM’s family especially his flamboyant wife who is often in the news for her extravagant spending!

Compare that with the lifestyle of the PAS Spiritual Head Dato Nik Aziz Nik Mat :

The people of Kelantan don’t care too much about the luxuries of this earthly life and are happy with what little comes their way. Hence their continued support to one who lives like them despite his high office as the Chief Minister of their state.

Can’t say the same for the Sultans of this country! Their Royal Highnesses are infamous for their excesses and live a lifestyle that would put to shame the Caliphs of yesteryears!

Even the Supreme King of Malaysia today has a queen who sports an exposed head of hair disregarding Allah’s Commandment to ‘believing women’ to dress  modestly and to lower their head coverings over their adornments. These are among the issues that PAS leaders continue to harangue their counterparts in UMNO but which often falls upon deaf ears.

14th Supreme King and Queen of Malaysia

Sometimes it is these kind of nitty gritty things that are blown out of proportion but always hits home especially amongst the rural folks who’d rather support the said Islamic party of PAS than the razzle and dazzle hedonistic loving secular party of UMNO!

That could be the reason why PAS still remains secure in Kelantan despite the numerous issues that are often raised from among the disgruntled ones living in the so called Makkah Corridor State?

Yesterday I received a call from one of my friends who happens to be amongst the top leadership of one of the Opposition Parties. He asked about my health and we spoke generally exchanging news and views. I told him frankly about what I have put to print here in this article and he understands my position. We exchanged pleasantries and wished each other well before ending the conversation. What else can we do?

If only we could have a better choice of Muslim leaders to lead this country, surely Islam will see a better chance of really getting to be put to practice and Allah’s Will to be implemented in this so called Mamluk al Malaisie.

At the moment, the so called Heads of Islam are just languishing in their opulent palaces whilst the social and moral problems of their Muslim subjects is on the rise and decadence is fast becoming the order of the day whilst the plethora of Mufti’s and so called Alims come up with a fatwa everytime some nitty gritty issue hits the news and becomes tomorrow’s headlines!

This PAS-UMNO political circus will never end and I believe it to continue right till Doomsday! I will really love to be proven wrong but from the two opposing parties political track record, you can bet that what I fear here will be so forever!

This is the sad reality of the political stalemate we have today in Malaysia! 

Can anyone say otherwise?

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