February 22, 2024


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Ampang Forest Park ~ Amidst the neglect, nature’s beauty remains

Colorful lichen on a rock found at the Ampang Forest Reserve

There’s so much to be lost if we do not act fast to save and preserve our natural heritage here in the Ampang Forest Park @ Taman Rimba Ampang. I managed to capture the above and following visuals during my visit there yesterday.

The ever colorful and eye catching Heliconia. Always a pleasure to behold. It can be found grown here at the furthest end of the road nearing the Puncak Niaga Water Catchment Area in the Ampang Forest Park.

I believe that the recent 7th March 2012 major floods that ravaged Kg Lembah Jaya Utara, Ampang was caused by illegal logging of trees such as these deep in the  Ampang Forest Reserve at Bukit Belacan and destruction of the forests there, thus creating a huge deluge of floodwater caused by very heavy non stop rain that tragic night!

Here is a video showing the intensity of the flood that swamped the nearby villages of Kg Lembah Jaya Utara and surrounding areas that night!

I met Encik Osman, an Indonesian man who was working there in the Ampang Forest Park, scooping away lots of sand that was clogging up the road at the forest park.

I asked him about the damaged roads and pavements? What had caused it and why was there no repair work being done?

He told me that the damage to the forest park happened on the night of March the 7th 2012 when non stop heavy rain caused the river to be so swollen with water that it rose  so high and swamped his quarters causing him and his wife to climb up the hill to escape the raging waters and save themselves!

Look for yourself! 

Can you see the debris left on the roof of Encik Osman’s quarters which is just close to the river there at the Ampang Forest Park?

That’s how high the water had risen on that tragic night!!! It’s a miracle that they had survived! Thanks be to Allah!

He and his wife were lucky to have escaped death by drowning that night when they scampered up the hills behind them to escape the raging waters of the flooded river!

All this is because there are some parties chopping down the trees at the back of the water catchment area up there! Seriously, I don’t think they will be caught because here in Malaysia, there is a tendency for the authorities to look the other way or because those in authority themselves are in cahoots with the crooks! 

90% of the hearsays and gossips here in Bolehland almost always turn out to be true! Its just that the law enforcement agencies are not up to mark or stained themselves. 

So it will be suicidal for them to really take action, for there are chances that the repercussions will come whack them back in their sorry butts! No sirree!

Back to my photos.

Do you think it would be easy to capture this insect flying as it pleases, zigzagging across the river waters? I had to follow its flight path as it zoomed across my lens and then just as I was about to press the lens trigger, it would zoom off to just a few inches away as it taunted me to try and snap it!

Hehehehe! I had to go into multi-trigger mode and catch it in flight! Really a beautiful creature that Allahu Ta’ala has created for us to marvel at and had inspired our inventors to come up with the flying helicopter!

I used my zoom lens to capture this fly sucking some nectar from this orb shaped odd looking flower! 

Truly amazing! Unique fruits attached to a plant’s leaf! Wonder what species this is? 

There are many more photos which I will share with you here once I am done compressing them and uploading the selected ones to my image hosting account before publishing them here for you to enjoy.

Till then, have a nice day and be a good citizen! 🙂

Insya Allah.

All my best wishes to you and your loved ones. 

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