February 26, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Hello Dato Seri Home Minister! What do you say about this?

I am actually sort of getting perplexed by the day watching our Malaysian Home Minister come up with one statement after another claiming to be gathering this and that information or evidence about the BERSHIT 3.0 transgressors but actually doing nothing much to haul those culprits to our Courts of Justice to answer for their crimes!

The screenshot above clearly shows Khalid Mohd Ismath, one of those so called students who was responsible for breaching many of the prohibitions of occupying Dataran Merdeka and also was amongst the main instigators of the recent student unrests, stating that he agrees that ALL MALAYSIAN POLICE OFFICERS ARE TO BE KILLED!!!

He says that every time there is a demonstration, there should be no more discussions to be held with the police! He calls for the demonstrators to fight the police or government!

Here is Khalid Mohd Ismath kicking a fallen traffic policeman during the BERSHIT 3.0 riot!

‘Lawan tetap lawan’ is a slogan used by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim during his ‘Reformasi’ days meaning ‘Fight no matter what!’

Now, I’d like to ask our Malaysian Home Minister Dato Seri Hishamudin Tun Hussein Onn as to whether such an open instigation by this Khalid Mohd Ismath is not tantamount to calling for an open season on our nation’s policemen or women?

Isn’t there malicious willful criminal intent here on this man’s part to cause serious physical harm and breaking the law by his calling for the killing of the members of our nation’s police force?

What are you doing sir about this open death threat against our Royal Malaysian Police Force?

Are you sir going to wait until any of our policemen or women end up dead at the hands of the rampaging mobs of these vicious creeps before you or your cousin the PM put up a grand show of visiting the remains of the intended victim or their mourning grieving families later?

We were all witness to your recent hospital visits handing over baskets of fruits and flowers to the injured policemen and journalists who suffered at the hands of the vicious BERSHIT 3.0 mobsters! Great photo op Dato Seri! Congrats! 

You sir are sort of setting a precedent as far as successfully muzzling the nation’s law enforcement agencies from doing their jobs and instead are exposing them to the dangers of risking serious physical harm and endanger their lives by your indecisiveness and reluctance to take a firm rightful stand in handling these troublemakers and rabblerousers!

You can listen to him rant and rave here  and here as well! 

Ustaz Fathul Bari, a young Malaysian ulama here lambasts Khalid Mohd Ismath directly in the following video for his sacrilegious and blasphemous act in garlanding portraits of the PM and Higher Education Minister and addressing these two Muslim leaders as what the Kaffirs address their dead?

Home Minister Dato Seri Hishamudin Tun Hussein Onn

I’m just gonna wait and see whether you Mr.Home Minister are really and actually going to do anything about this guy or whether you will come up with another gem of a trendsetting excuse to avoid doing what you are appointed and paid to do?

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