February 27, 2024


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Dataran Merdeka Freeloading Student Protesters Chased Out! (Updated with Video)

It was due to happen! When the freeloading students occupied Dataran Merdeka and refused to budge from their unauthorized camping at the grounds of the nation’s Independence Square and had the Opposition Idiots rooting for them, some other youths who were pissed off at such troublemakers decided to take charge and descended upon them early this morning and chased the freeloaders out!

I for one say that the anti-establishment freeloaders had it coming! These kind of students are an embarrassment to the country! The Najib Government are best described to be impotent as far as enforcing the laws of this nation! The police are muzzled against taking action and all kinds of accusations are heaped upon the nation’s law enforcement officers!

Behind all these unnecessary troubles and uprising of the not so bright students with their student power chants are the members of the Opposition Pact! 

These are the crooks who are poisoning the hearts and minds of the not so illustrious under achievers amongst the students who are demanding abolishment of their student loans!

The truth is that the Government has given those who have achieved exemplary results in their studies exemption from having to repay their PTPTN Student Loans!

See who are the high achievers?

Image courtesy of The Sense, Credibility and Accountability Blog.

It is the Chinese! 8818 students! Only 2347 Malays followed by just 456 Indians. You can see for yourselves that those who study well and pass with flying colors are exempted from having to repay their student loans regardless of their ethnicity and faith!

The ones protesting at the Dataran Merdeka are the under achievers made up of mostly the Malays! You don’t see the bright students especially those who are Chinese joining them, do you?

Even if there are Chinese present there at the Dataran Merdeka, they are just spectators. Enjoying seeing these underachieving Malay students make a spectacle of themselves, embarrassing the nation.

When the Opposition parties send in their troops to act as bodyguards to these underachievers, they are showing us how ruthless they can be in trying to create a situation like in Egypt and try to overthrow the ruling legitimate BN Federal Government through ‘popular uprising’!

No such thing will take place here.

Only idiots who do not have intellectual capacity within their cranial cavity will resort to such measures!

We are free to vote for whom we please, don’t we? Come Election Day, vote for whom you want! No one’s gonna stop you!

Have we not witnessed Penang, Kedah, Selangor, Perak and Kelantan go to the Opposition in the last GE?

If the elections were rigged, how the hell did they gain power over in those states?

Perak was lost by the Opposition because 3 of their State Assembly representatives quit their respective parties and crossed over to support the BN! That’s the way democracy works! Number of seats won by any party determines leadership in the State Assembly and Parliament!

This is what we have in a democratic country.

You don’t have to resort to such political stunts such as occupying Dataran Merdeka in the pretext of demanding free loans for underachieving students!

We even have to pay to pee at the public toilets, don’t we? 30 sens per usage! At KLCC there are even RM2 per usage VIP toilets!

That’s the way life is. Nothing comes free except the air that we breathe in. That’s God’s mercy to us. Soon, if the air becomes polluted, we might have to buy air purifiers and strap it to ourselves in order to breathe cleaner air?

Even now, most of us have to buy mineral or filtered water to drink. 

What the hell are these so called university students expecting to get free education when they are not worthy of getting such exemptions?

Damn idiots being supported by equally foolish and irresponsible so called Members of Parliament and State Assemblies whose only intention is to grab power and fatten each and every fat wallets belonging to themselves.

All these talk of people power, student power, bla bla bla is just mere hogwash! 

Meant to influence and give a false sense of superiority to underachieving students when in reality it is they @ the politicians who stand to gain power and wealth to feather their own nests!

The students should realize their mistakes and go home, back to their campuses and study harder if they want to have their student loans be turned into scholarships!

That is the way to get free education. Score higher marks and really be the bright sparks that you think you are when in reality you have yet to be so?

Malaysians ought to know better than to fall prey to these manipulating political shysters!

The Home Ministry we have right now is the weakest that I have seen in my life! All kinds of laws are being breached and broken at will and all we have is the ever apologetic minister coming up with one meaningless warning after another!

We should have sterner ministers running the ministry! 

So, whether we like it or not, those black shirted chaps who had the guts and spine to clear out Dataran Merdeka did Malaysia a good deed today and saved the PDRM and DBKL from having to soil their hands with the student rebels who were just itching to have a confrontation with the police and then cry foul! 

They are itching for violence to break out between them and the police like what took place over in the USA! 

See the photos below! This is what the Opposition want to see take place here in relatively still peaceful Malaysia! 

Please do not fall victim to such foul tactics!! Don’t destroy our nation!

The Opposition Idiots would be out in force crying murder and making a scene to embarrass the BN Government again and again! The Home Ministry has been too careless in letting these instigators roam free! They are the ones who should be arrested for influencing the mediocre students to do what they did!

In times like these Dr.M would have dealt with the problem in a much more precise and surgical manner to stop the rot before it destroys the nation. Najib Tun Razak has not proven himself to be the kind of strong leader we all need to steer this nation to greater heights!

What the hell is wrong with our so called authorities? If you don’t have it in you to uphold and enforce the law, please let some others who have the balls to do it take charge!

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