December 10, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields! Genocide of Tamils! What has the UN or the USA done about it?

Before I share with you the evidence of the brutality perpetrated by the Sri Lankan Government’s Army against the Tamils of that country, I wish to warn you that the following videos contain graphic images of the massacre and gruesome carnage that was deliberately carried out by the Sri Lankan Army!

Sri Lankan Tamils victims of Singhalese Army brutalities

Its not something that those who are weak and of feeble hearts will be able to watch and stomach it, so please venture further ONLY if you are strong and brave enough to witness the gruesome evidence shown here in the following videos.

Mahinda Rajapaksa

From what I have seen, all these are CLEAR IRREFUTABLE INCRIMINATING PROOF that Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa was responsible for the brutal rapes, massacre and genocide of hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankan Tamil civilians during the civil war there!

The order given by Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Sri Lankan Government to the UN representatives in Sri Lanka to vacate their bases in Kilinocchi @ the Tamils self appointed capital area should have alerted the world’s monitoring body of the impending genocide but the UN officials chose to desert the Sri Lankan Tamils to their miserable fate and the rest is now history!

The United States of America which claims to fight for the democratic rights and freedom of the world’s citizens seems to have conveniently looked the other way as hundreds of thousands if not millions of poor suffering Sri Lankan Tamils were raped, tortured, mutilated and killed systematically by the brutal Sri Lankan Army!

Where was President Barack Hussein Obama Jr. as the Sri Lankan Tamils were being shot to death, bombed to bits, slaughtered and massacred at will by the Sri Lankan Army?

America went to war against Afghanistan over the death of 3000 over people who were killed when the World Trade Center twin towers collapsed on September 11, 2001!

It marshaled up the forces of a coalition army involving so many other countries and invaded the Republic of Iraq when Saddam Hussein breached the borders of oil rich Kuwait!

It spent hundreds of billions of US Dollars in maintaining its occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq whilst siphoning off the riches and wealth of the latter and remains there to this day.

Where is the justice that it speaks of when the poor suffering millions of Sri Lankan Tamils continue to be beaten to a pulp, injured, raped, tortured, brutalized and killed at random by the Sri Lankan Army to this day???

The Al Jazeera International TV Channel interviewed Rajiva Wijesingha, a Sri Lankan Government official who vehemently denied all these accusations and claimed that all these videos were doctored and fake! 

Apartheid perpetrators almost always claim to be infallible and feign innocence! History repeats itself! Wijesingha is no different!

This is another Al Jazeera broadcast:

I do not wish to say more. All recent day war crimes perpetrated by the sick, ruthless dictators and murderous despots of the world pales in comparison to what the Sri Lankan regime are carrying out at will against the Tamils of their island nation!

Watch at your own risk the following visual evidence for yourselves and do what you can to help these suffering Sri Lankan Tamils out in any ways you can? These videos are produced by a British TV Channel.

Part 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4 * This video contains explicit footage of raped Tamil women who after being sexually abused, ravaged and mutilated were then killed and their naked violated bodies dumped unceremoniously into the back of trucks and disposed off by the Sri Lankan Army troops! Systematic rape, abuse and mass murder! Who cries for them? The UN? USA? UK? EU? No one!!!

Part 4 of 4

There are hundreds more of such evidential incriminating videos out there in You Tube but the United Nations and the USA seems to be impotent and unwilling to do anything concrete about taking the Sri Lankan Army to task and hold them accountable for their uncountable war crimes which continue to this day!

It is because of this ruthless massacre that the now exterminated LTTE Tamils Army took up arms to protect their ethnic fellow Tamils in the first place although their methods were at times going against the general rule of law that the so called civilized world agree upon?

I agree that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam were no angels themselves but for the Sri Lankan Army soldiers to have gone on such rape and massacre rampage in the last stages of their war against the Tamil population can’t be simply dismissed off and put to past!

Go here to download and watch a powerpoint presentation showing the LTTE atrocities against Sinhalese, Muslims and their fellow Tamils!

As the saying goes, when elephants go to war against each other, it is the poor mousedeers who get caught and crushed in between! 

The LTTE even burnt their fellow Tamilans who refused to join them in their war against the Sinhalese Government of Sri Lanka!

Charred remains of the ones who died at the hands of their own kind!

The Sri Lankan Air Force dropped cluster bombs upon the civilian Tamils slaughtering men, women and children indiscriminately!
Massacred Sri Lankan Tamils
Quite a large number of the Sri Lankan Tamil population are still incarcerated in open prisons over there in the island republic! Reminds me of Auschwitz!

All I am asking is whether there is anything that anyone who claims to hold authority over the affairs of this world today has done to bring these war criminals to international justice?

Carnage in Paradise

The United Nations seems to be indifferent and shamefully incapable of helping the suffering Tamils whilst the USA doesn’t seem to be concerned at all about this wanton massacre of hundreds of thousands of innocent Sri Lankan Tamils lives!

The murderous Mahinda Rajapaksa shaking hands with  the useless UN Sec-Gen Ban Ki Moon

Why then are the UN and the USA going around pontificating to the despots and dictators of the world when they aren’t doing anything to save these people?

This cartoon conveys the realities of what took place over there in Sri Lanka whilst the rest of the world refused to respond to the genocide of the Tamils by the Sinhalese Sri Lankan Army?

The LTTE were also responsible for the situation when they resorted to brainwashing members of their guerrilla force to turn into suicide bombers and end up killing themselves and others in an attempt to stem the Sri Lankan Army’s advance upon their bases.

The LTTE were accused of using the innocent Tamil civilians as a human shield when trying to escape from the onslaught of the mightier Sri Lankan Army.

If the world’s superpowers are so gung ho about hunting down the Nazi’s who committed countless atrocities against the Jews during World War 2, what are they going to do about these Sri Lankan war crimes?

Or will NATO, EU, UN and the USA turn a blind eye to these massacres because the victims are of a darker skin color and not of their ilk?

I would be really surprised if they do take a concern about this genocide of the Tamils of Sri Lanka?

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