December 10, 2023


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Mahaguru58 goes mountain biking

As we age, our muscles and tendons need to be kept healthy as well if not we will find it too painful to even move about!

So, this 53+ blogger has to go out exercising all those aging muscles and limbs in order to be alert and agile.

The sight of this white bearded old mountain biker wheezing past the young ones at the cycling tracks in the park nearby and often heading up to the rural areas out of KL at times draws not only the attention of people but also the young kids who’d come up and ask me all kinds of questions about my bike. 😛

It’s good to be able to go cycling often because of the total body exercise it involves. We become more alert and conditioned due to our body’s workout when we get to sweat out toxins from our physique and feel much more energetic and get an increase in our stamina. Cycling is a great form of exercise where it is just us and the environment we are in. 

If we get to go cycling in a natural setting such as a forest reserve where there are proper mountain bike trails such as what is available at the Gombak Forest Reserve starting from Kemensah, we will surely get to enjoy our ride through the scenic jungle surroundings and get to cleanse our body, mind and soul through such a ride.

It is the most enjoyable form of keeping fit. We get to travel in a non polluting vehicle, get to exercise and build up our muscles, breathe in fresh nourishing air rich with life giving oxygen and sweat it out the healthy, energizing way!

What more can we ask for?

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