February 27, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

BN ~ Being Nuts ignoring pro govt Bloggers

I have been letting things slide here in Bolehland ; not wanting to comment on all the latest political circus that has been going on because frankly, I’m sick of all the theatrics that the ruling authorities are putting up and also sort of bored watching this whole hullabaloo about Hassan Ali becoming the 3rd force in Malaysian politics!

Really? 3rd force?

Hello brother…when Ronnie Liu threw a tantrum protesting that the Anchor, Carlsberg, Tiger beers be returned to the 7-11 Shah Alam outlet, the ‘3rd Force’ capitulated like nobody’s business and even hugged that ‘towkay’ like long lost buddies!

All humbug! I’m no fan of Khalid Samad but the fella hit the nail on the head when he said Hassan Ali went el loco as of lately because he was robbed of the chance to be the ‘new’ Selangor Menteri Besar when the UMNO-PAS secret talks turned sour and due to Nik Aziz’s surgical strike at the vein of such talks.

Yes. I’m all for the union of Muslims here in Malaysia but at the same time I do happen to be a realist.

There’s no way PAS and UMNO will ever forge together. Its like trying to hammer in a square into a round hole. Problem bro!

On one hand, we have UMNO with its tradition of not challenging the leaders and kowtowing to the hierarchy as it has always been from the days of Tunku Abdul Rahman.

On the other hand, we have a motley crew of Pakatan Pembangkang oddities comprising of diehard anti-Islam and anti-Malays perpetual faultfinders of the DAP, the ‘be PM at all costs family dynasty of Anwar Ibrahim labeling their outfit as the PKR and former hardliners of the pseudo once ‘Islamic’ party of PAS!

Malaysians are practically caught in a quandary ; having to choose between two ‘do as I say ; not do what I do’ power crazed coalitions if you can call them so?

The way things are going on here in Bolehland ; Najib is trying his level best to shore up his influence and power base by going all out to woo the public ; his wife is adamantly stuck in her own glamour seeking ways and the madame doesn’t give a hoot about calls for her to be modest in her appearance.

The poor woman is sort of stuck in the ‘sanggul karan’ 60s time tunnel. 

My sincere condolences to Najib. Nasib badan le brader…..

Now, for the matter that I read about bloggers not being of importance to people like Maslan and Rais Yatim due to maybe his experience in getting tarred and feathered by Azimuddin the Sharpshooter guy, it doesn’t make any difference to us bloggers either for most of us are not salaried by them or any other party either?

We who blog about matters here in Bolehland do so out of our own personal concern for the welfare of the people and this nation.

I for one am impartial. I don’t care who the hell anyone is and will state the truth out here in my blog and my only concern is for justice to prevail.

I am not in the slander business either and will only publish matters that are proven to be factual and not based upon hear say or unfounded allegations about matters that are of concern to us as a nation?

I do receive emails every now and then from anonymous chaps who ask that their identities not be published online spilling the beans about this and that project in the act of whistle blowing?

Sorry bro. In my blog, if you do not have it in you to identify yourself, whatever you share with me will never see the light of day in Mahaguru58 and will automatically end up in my Spam folder and get deleted el pronto as well.

Don’t wish to keep anything incriminating in my pc. No thank you.

If the BN is serious in retaining its power, it will be foolhardy of it in ignoring the mainstream pro government bloggers.

Although chances of us veering over to the other pack of political aspirants is really slim, those in ‘power’ can forget about getting it easy in the next GE for sure for as they say, ‘ the pen is still mightier than the sword!’

As Retired Petaling Jaya ACP Tuan Haji Osman Bakar used to say I don’t cause wrongful loss to others and wrongful gain to me and I don’t destroy the environment and preserve nature. Do some good deeds along the way to the final destination!’

BN will be absolutely Being Nuts in rubbing the pro government bloggers the wrong way. 

Are those ‘dismissing us off’ willing to risk seeing us blog against you?

‘If appeasing our enemies is not the answer, neither is hating them…

Somewhere between the extremes of appeasement and hate, 

there is a place for courage and strength to express ourselves in magnanimity and charity,

and this is the place that we must find!’ 

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