February 27, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Harimau Muda Malaya just turned into Sashimi! Haiyaaa…

Why is it that our Malaysian Soccer Team is so predictable? Their records show a spasmodic erratic reaction every time the country lays its hopes on these highly paid and very pampered football team, they are sure bound to let us all down as they have displayed tonight!

File pic : Harimau Malaya team

4-0! The Samurai’s have just chopped our Young Malayan Tigers into Sashimi!

To lay all blame on the over depended goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi would be so bloody unfair for he alone does not make the team.

The defense was porous, midfield missing in action and strikers lost steam and not really that spirited as the Japs!

It’s the Bushido spirit of the Japs who have decapitated our tamed felines.

They have conquered Malaya once again…this time on the soccer field! 

Will Harimeow Muda Malaya be dependable again?

* The following comments were in response to my confusing the U-23 Young Malayan Tigers with their seniors the Harimau Malaya National Malaysian Soccer Team. I had also asked about Safee Sali missing from action. My mistake. My sincere apologies to all concerned.

Yet I stand with my statements regarding the Harimau Muda Malaya team’s disappointing way of not really going all out to stop the Samurai’s goalfest! They really let the nation down! Not even one goal as a face saving grace! 🙁

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