December 11, 2023


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Mahaguru58’s road trip to Kuala Kubu Bharu ~ A historic town

This is a continuation of my daytrip to Frasers Hill last Monday, the 6th of February, 2012.

After finishing my photo shoot of the old decaying shophouses at the fringe of Serendah Old Town, I drove on towards Kuala Kubu Bharu, which was the last town before heading up the snaking road 40 kilometers up to Frasers Hill!

The green hills beckoned me to drive on and I handed over the camera to my missus to take these photos of our impromptu road trip.

The giant golf ball on the right of this photo marks the Serendah Golf Course.
Lifestyle of the rich and infamous, eh? 😛

The sign says 15 more kilometers to Kuala Kubu Bharu. From what I heard, this town used to be bandit area during the Emergency Years when the Malayan Communist Party guerrillas used to wreak havoc and ambush the civilians plus military troops who passed through the area back between 1948 to 1960!

A historical photo showing the mostly Chinese Malayan Communist Party terrorists in training! Photo Credit Source.

I was just a 2 year old baby back in 1960 when the Emergency ended! 😛 What would I know or even remember about this unfortunate episode in our nation’s history? Zilch! Nada!

Today their descendants are waging a socio-political war against the Malays who continue to be utterly divided and at odds against their own kind! Hmmm..

The spot where Communist terrorists ambushed and killed Sir Henry Gurney along the Kuala Kubu Bharu-Frasers Hill road. This murder at KKB became the turning point in our nation’s history. It forced the government of the day to hunt down the communists and drive them out of our country up north across the Thai borders! With the help of our armed forces assisted by the British and Australian soldiers of the day!

Sir Henry Gurney was the British High Commissioner for Malaya when he was killed by the Communists on the 6th of October 1951. You can read about him here. His remains are buried here in Kuala Lumpur’s Cheras Christian Cemetery.

How many people lost their lives for this country? Does anyone care to take all that into consideration?

Nowadays, people get into fights over fried chicken and the Devils After Power ~ descendants of the Commies are quick to take opportunity and turn such tiffs into a racial conflict between us!

Malaysians must never forget about all the atrocities carried out by the communist terrorists! NEVER!!!

I for one will never, ever support any of these saboteurs to the day that I shall die! Lillahi Ta’ala!

The people of Malaysia must never forget to appreciate the bounties of this motherland of ours and never forget how the Portuguese, Dutch, British, Japanese and British Colonialism again who robbed Malaya of its riches and plundered us in days of before?

The Malays must not forget how they were almost robbed of their country by the British introducing the Malayan Union plan? 

This beautiful land of ours can be lost overnight if we fail to prevent it from falling to the hands of those who would sell it to the highest bidders?

If we fail to take care of it from being destroyed ecologically, it will also disappear from being what it is today into becoming a barren land devoid of its life giving properties granted to us by Ar Rahman!

Kampung Menyuruk ~ A village to hide away? Far from the city hustle & bustle!

Once in a while, its good to drive out of KL and head over to the wide open spaces of our Malaysian countryside and hill areas. Clear our minds from the cobwebs of our day to day problems!

Area near Batang Kali. Must be a Chinese settlement for I saw the roofings resemble those of their temples?

Petronas Batang Kali. Remember the notorious cold blooded killer Bentong Kali? Now, that man was really a trigger happy murderer! 

Not much is published about him but this man shot and killed 17 persons before he himself was gunned down by our Royal Malaysian Police Special Forces (UTK) from Bukit Aman Police HQ.

He was the most wanted criminal in Malaysia in the early 90s. He was hunted down and shot to death by our UTK Police Special Forces on 29th June 1993!

Don’t let these idyllic scenes fool you! You never know what’s gonna happen in the next minute or so? Hehehehe….

I’m stopping here for a while.

Will continue with the photos leading to Kuala Kubu Bharu after this.

See ya!

Insya Allah!

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