December 8, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Bt 14 Hulu Langat Friday Street Market ~ Mahaguru58’s Photoshoot Part 2

Kampong lass.

Enthralled by the Storyteller’s tales.

The mystical Malay keris. Standing at attention. Perfect balancing act or what?

Blowing some chants over his medicinal oil. Reminds me of the Wild, Wild West stories of the Snake Oil peddlers. Well, we have ours too in Malaysia.

Elderly citizen of Hulu Langat making his way through the street market.

Caught making faces with her tongue behind her lip! Hehehehehe…kids!

Camera conscious…

For sale ~ tired stall assistant. 

The cheeky fellow just wants to rest and the basket looked too good to resist!

Hawking his fresh produce! 

Some folks shy away from cameras but not this guy! He gets animated and asks to be photographed! Hehehehehe…..

A willing subject who asked to be captured on camera! Thanks buddy!

His equally willing to be photographed assistant. 🙂

This guy says that his moustache is his ‘misai cari makan!’ Wants to give Datuk ‘K’ a run for his money! Hehehehe…

Doesn’t she look like one of those mannequins that the tudung sellers at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman have at their shops? What a resemblance?

A sporting fellow posing for my camera. Terimakasih brader! 🙂

A shy vegetables trader. 😛

Malu lah nak bergambar! Says she’s shy to be photographed! 

Another local villager sporting quite a distinguished looking moustache!

A kid who was excited getting a cap that morning! His legs were tap tapping merrily while trying out the cap which his mom bought for him! 🙂

Happily posing for Atok’s camera! Hehehehe….

‘One man’s trash is another’s treasure’. So is the saying that goes with the knick knack trading that is carried out in almost every rural street and urban markets of the world. Here is a scene showing that very saying in action.

Blades of every kind. The old, reproduced and the very modern cutting edges.

Behold the lethal Malay standing keris ~ curved dagger in all its glory!

Which one should I choose? Must be what this man is thinking? The Tamil movies depict such usage of these dangerously lethal hooked machetes a lot! One swing of that sharp hooked edge on the intended victim’s neck and we have a decapitation instantly! Fuyoo!!! Nasty and not nice! Stay clear mate!

He bought one of those hooked machete’s ~ parang for RM30! Now listening intently to the old weapons trader’s tales. Looked pretty engrossed and caught up with the blade peddler’s stories…

So was his friend. They both seemed very interested to learn from the old man.

The old blade peddler holding court right on the street. Had lots to share! 🙂

The traditional tempe ~ soya bean fermented cake seller. How come he doesn’t have the glossy new face that Khir Toyo has and claims to be the result of eating tempe all those years? 😛

To be continued. Insya Allah.

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