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Bt 14 Hulu Langat Friday Street Market ~ Mahaguru58’s Photoshoot

Friday 27th January 2012.
Hulu Langat, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

I drove to Hulu Langat wanting to buy some ‘pisang emas’ at the 9th Mile Fruit Stall in the morning. Unfortunately the stall had yet to open for business, so I just drove on wanting to take advantage of the morning sunlight and take some photos of the surroundings.

Hulu Langat is one of my favorite destinations for it is the closest traditional Malay countryside to KL. 

I live in Bandar Tun Razak which is about a 15 minutes drive away from the suburban areas of my home bordering the city limits of Kuala Lumpur, my nation’s capital metropolis of Kuala Lumpur.

I love to watch the still clear flowing river there in Sg Pangsoon which is about 38 kilometers away from KL.

It so happened that I chanced upon this street market which was in full swing behind the 14th Mile Masjid area at Hulu Langat. So, I parked my car and went sightseeing around the market.

These are some scenes that I managed to shoot that morning:

I came to learn from one of the traders there that this street market is held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings depending on the weather.

This was my first ever visit to this area on a working day.

So, I didn’t know about the market all these years that I’d been going there on weekends or whenever I felt like it?

As you can see, the mosque is very close to this street market which is held at a large open space behind it.

All kinds of traditional herbs, vegetables, fresh fruits, salted fish, pickles and preserves, fish, poultry and knick knacks were on sale.

The ever industrious Bangladeshis are everywhere in Malaysia! You can find them plodding along even the most far flung areas in the backwaters of old towns in the Malaysian Peninsular! 

Hell! Don’t be surprised to see them setting up shop even in the deepest forest reserves and Orang Asli villages in the jungles of Peninsular Malaysia one of these days?

Here they are selling poultry in this street market! What are the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Industry officials doing? Dozing after getting their tummies full, eh? I won’t be surprised if there’s ‘some kind of arrangement’ here?

To be continued. Insya Allah.

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