February 27, 2024


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Wikipedia Blackout! Imagine a World without Free Knowledge?

Those of us who do research and study about any topic before we publish our articles online have often used the Wikipedia to backup or corroborate any established and verified facts concerning the very subjects that we write upon all these while free of charge.

The US Congress intends to limit the kind of information that Wikipedia has been publishing online for free all these years and wants to impose all kinds of restrictions on Wikipedia under the blanket SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and Protect IP Act.

In a way this is akin to censoring the Internet by way of limiting the amount and type of information that has been made available to the global internet using community of mankind.

So much for the so called Freedom of Information that the USA has always been crowing about when going on its neo-colonization of oil-rich countries in the Middle East and what the former US President George Wacko Bush Jr had always been saying,“They hate our freedom! bla..bla..bla” when he was in office!

He later admitted that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction which he used as an excuse to go to war in that now destroyed country! Watch this:

So much for freeing the Iraqis of Saddam Hussein and his regime! Those Iraqis are in much more worse situations today and have had hundreds of thousands of their fellow citizens massacred by the invading American neo-colonialists, their wealth and riches robbed from them, their civilization destroyed and country practically returned to the Stone Age, economy devastated, culture smashed to smithereens, etc!

Back to the topic at hand.

Wikipedia has been very useful to bloggers like myself and I find it very disconcerting that such a move is being made to muzzle one of the most useful sites online by the US Congress!

What kind of change is President Barack Hussein Obama Jr bringing to the USA in particular and the worldwide web, may I ask?

If advocating a blinkered internet is the kind of change that the Obama Administration is trying to impose on us all, then I say that maybe the voters over there in the US of A would be inclined to change their current President realizing that Obama Jr has been riding on a wave of lies and empty promises to all of us all these while?

  • He promised to shut down Guantanamo Bay….still there and in full operation.
  • He promised that his administration would seek ways to forge closer and better ties between the USA and Muslim nations …. many Middle Eastern countries are still suffering from American policies and his troops are now even so bold as to desecrate the dead bodies of Afghanistanis whom they killed in the name of freedom, bla bla bla…
  • You can check out whether he did or did not keep to his promises here!

So now, the US Congress intends to wreak havoc with our access to free reliable information and media provided by Wikipedia.

What makes the US Government any different from the Chinese for wanting to control access to the internet?

Wikipedia is right in protesting against the US Congress’s interference. I for one support Wikipedia.

What about you?

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