February 21, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Nga Kor Ming ~ Perak Opposition State Govt (2008) Lounge Suit Tender Connection?

Nga Kor Ming, DAP Perak State Secretary and Pantai Remis DAP Assemblyman, what have you got to say about this expose?

For all the constant BN bashing that you guys in the Opposition keep raising in the political arena of Malaysia, I say that this expose by www.shizone.com really opens up a whole new can of worms in your side, man?

This is the reason why those who crow like the cockerel every now and then ought to make sure that your backside doesn’t reek from foul, filthy things first!

From my observation of the Malaysian political scene and Opposition inclined online media, you guys accuse the BN of blatant corruption and cronyism almost on a daily basis.

A blatant scandal such as this will definitely not be exposed in sites such as Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider, Malaysian Chronicle, Suara Keadilan, The Rocket, Harakah Daily and all Opposition supporting blogs and webtv’s.

Just after 42 days that the Perak BN State Government was defeated by the Opposition, this tailoring company was immediately set up amongst others by Nga Kor Ming’s wife,  Wong Seow Ching to take advantage of the new opportunities that comes with a new state government under the DAP, PKR and PAS loose coalition in Perak then. 

Here’s the Commission of Companies, Malaysia’s record of the Directors/ Officers of Ethan & Elton Sdn.Bhd.(815005-A)

This was followed by an offer by the then Perak State Government under the Opposition Pact (DAP~PKR~PAS) to offer Ethan & Elton Sdn Bhd the tender to supply the Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh @ Ipoh City Council with the official lounge suits for their 24 Ipoh City Councillors.

It’s not easy to keep their fingers out of the State Treasury’s cookie jar because power has the tendency to corrupt and in order to legitimize such blatant acts of corruption, it tends to morph into the form of official tenders bla bla bla by favoring those who are their family and friends!

What you are seeing above is the official tender offer for the supply and commissioning of the 24 lounge suits for the 2008 Ipoh City Council which was then under the dictates and control of the DAP~PKR~PAS Opposition led Perak State Government!

I wonder what kind of excuse is Nga Kor Ming and the DAP of Perak gonna come up with to try and clear themselves of any such breaches of trust by them against the Perak citizens by obviously engaging in the very criminal cronyism that they tend to accuse the BN of?

Next time, better practice what you guys pretend to preach first before acting like you are all amongst the infallible ones of Malaysia! No one is that squeaky clean in politics, all over the world! 

Power corrupts! It doesn’t matter as to who is in charge of the state treasury and all other government coffers, state or federal to speak of? 

Let’s see whether the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission does have the spine to investigate all this or go into the infamous Malaysian ‘tidak apa‘ attitude?

Surely, the MACC needs to show us that they earn their keep by working sincerely, honestly and diligently without fear or favor?

Nga Kor Ming! Now’s a pretty good time to prove yourself as to whether you have any iota of integrity left after your recent diarrhea of the lip‘ fiasco with that ‘hitam metalik‘ slur and ‘haramjadah@ ‘bastard’ insult you unleashed against the BN Perak State Menteri Besar, Dato Seri Dr Hj Zambry Abdul Kadir  recently?


All documents and info published here are derived from www.shizone.com who have the guts and integrity to expose this blatant abuse of power by the then Opposition Pact led Perak State Government under the DAP~PKR~PAS!

Credit also goes to Cucu Tok Selampit for highlighting this scandal here.

The current BN Perak State Government Information Exco YB Dato Haji Hamdi bin Abu Bakar is said to have been the first to expose this scandal and this news was then published by Perak News.com here

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