December 3, 2023


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Tawaf at Holy Kaabah ~ Mahaguru58’s Hajj Travelogue

Labbaik kallah humma labbaik! Labbaik kallah syari kala qa labbaik! Innal hamda! Wal niaqmata! Lakawal mulk! Laa syarikalaq!

This is the proclamation by each and every pilgrim who journeys to the Sacred Ka’abah which is the focus point of directing their solat by every Muslim on Earth.

It means :  ‘Here I am O Allaah, (in response to Your call), here I am. Here I am, You have no partner, here I am. Verily all praise, grace and sovereignty belong to You. You have no partner.’

Then the pilgrim proceeds to perform the Tawaf after making the niyyat @ intention to do so and follow the prescribed manners to perform the circumbulation around the Holy Kaabah.

When I first saw the Kaabah with my own eyes, I was sort of in a state of wonder as I had all these while been seeing it through the tv channels and have the visual embedded in my mind ever since I have been aware of my faith as a Muslim.

I had been hearing all kinds of stories of pilgrims breaking down and crying their heart out in repentance etcetera but in my case, that didn’t happen.

I just took it as a matter of ‘ Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!  Allahu Akbar! Walillah hil Hamd!’

Alhamdulillah! So, I am finally here. Right before the Blessed Kaabah. The first ever House of Allah built originally by our Father, the Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam with the help of Allah’s Malaikats @ Angels upon his descent to this Duniyya @ Earth where he landed upon what is known now as Adams Peak in Serendip @ Sri Lanka and made his way across ‘Adam’s Bridge’, traversed India and reached Makkah @ Bakka where he was inspired by Allah to raise the foundations of the Holy Kaabah.

My not breaking down in tears or what could be due to the fact that I do not worship the Kaabah. I just direct my prayers to Allah in its direction as commanded in my faith of Islam.

I worship Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and Him Alone and thus can’t bring myself to place too much emphasis on an object to be worthy of my adulation. I don’t mean to disrespect the Kaabah or what but deep down in my heart, I firmly attest and declare that it is only Allahu Rabbi Whom I pray to and nothing else!


So, it made me feel not so comfortable seeing so many people go crazy in wanting to reach out for the Hajarul Aswad and many folks sort of get into a frenzy and claw at the walls of the Kaabah, try to climb over others and grab on to the base of the Doors to the Kaabah!

Seriously! This is not what Islam teaches us. Not even the Prophet! He has never called upon us to do what some of these folks are doing! 

I’d rather have the Saudi Arabian authorities implement some sort of a queuing up system to do their rituals of touching or kissing the Hajarul Aswad in an orderly and refined manner worthy of our status as sincere pilgrims answering the Call of Hajj and follow the Sunnah @ Example of the Blessed Messenger instead of this insane manner where men and women scramble over each other just to do what? Touch the Hajarul Aswad and follow the example of Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

I’m not blaming the Keeper of the Two Sacred Mosques but just that as the authorities who do have power as to regulate and control the biggest congregation of Muslims in the whole wide world when they are gathered here in the Masjidil Haram, the ones in power can order that the pilgrims go about performing their ibadah in a manner befitting their status as the ummah of the Greatest Messenger of Allahu Rabbi.

It is also important that each and every Muslim who comes here to perform their Umrah and Hajj to conduct themselves in a manner that is acceptable and maintain their dignity as Mukmins @ Firm Believers and know exactly what they are supposed to do in order to qualify as those whose ibadah have been accepted by Ar Rahman.

Clamoring over the Hajarul Aswad as they do right now serves no purpose but to bring themselves and others into unnecessary harm and risks of injury or even get trampled to death!

That’s not the way to go! Na’uzubillahiminzalik! May Allah forbid!

We come here to perform our ibadah and redeem ourselves from all our sins ; not add to them by our irresponsible conduct amongst our millions of fellow Muslims!

Pilgrims ought to be more restrained and not go overboard at the holiest masjid upon this Earth. This is my wish and call to each and every Hajj and Hajjah who have arrived here in Makkah al Mukarramah.

Well, anyway, that’s what I think. I leave it to those who can do something to deal with it. If they really want to see some changes in the way the Hajj is conducted? If not, well, I have said my piece, so help me Allah! 🙂

I will be updating this article with photos later, Insya Allah!

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