December 11, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Palestinian ‘UN’ Blue Chair faces US President 1 Man Demolition Team

All these while, American President Barack Hussein Obama Jr’s charade as one who is gonna bring ‘Change’ to our world, has been busted wide open before the whole wide world at the UN Summit, recently.

This glib tongued shyster is in actuality a Zionist stooge who has been brought to presidential power through the Jewish lobby who whether the world recognizes them or not are the true ‘kingmakers’ over there in Washington!

The whole wide world was so sick of the wacky  former American President George Walker Bush Jr’s relentless warmongering ways and the immense mayhem and disaster that his screwed up and proven to be false official White House policies brought about, that the whole planet were just rooting for a change!

That so called ‘Change that we were told that we could believe in’ came in the form of this glib tongued African American law professor and senator who mesmerized us with his promises and beguiled the entire planet that it is time for the world to have a better American President.

A lie so deviously put into place and crafted by the best copy and script writers that money can buy that we all swallowed hook, line and bloody sinker!

Even me! Damn!!! I too was taken for a ride by this bloody two-faced shyster!

No American President gets to be in office without getting the Zionist ‘stamp of approval’ and every now and then, one gets to see such a kowtowing to the Israeli regime by the one who gets to ride in ‘Air Force One’.

All such statements that Obama Jr has been spewing about creating a ‘contiguous’ Palestinian State is mere rhetoric! Straight out bullshit laced in between with academic sounding populist terms and references. 

Obama is a conniving, scheming, outright political opportunist. All that he has been saying ever since he was channeled into replacing US President George W Bush Jr is mere lip service. 

The ‘paid’ Pied Piper championing Israeli interests. No such thing as the much hyped harbinger of justice and freedom for the world and definitely not for the occupied people of Palestine!

The world has not lifted a finger to defend the beleaguered and much maligned Palestinians who have had their lands robbed and confiscation of their nationhood right before the very eyes of the whole damn world!

The United Nations since its very inception has done nothing to uphold the very justice and spirit of law which was the reason for it to be set up in the very first place?

Supposedly the only global collective union or bastion of justice and equality given power and authority to watch over and protect each and every legitimate nation or country of the whole wide world. 

The irony is that we have an illegal regime in the form of the Zionist regime of Israel being given its undeserved seat of honor right there in the General Assembly of Nations there in the UN while the long suffering occupied and systematically being decimated people of Palestine being denied their rightful place there in the world body!

The USA @ United States of America, another grouping of states which were set up after the systematic massacre of the original population consisting of Red Indian tribes there today calls the shots as to who gets a seat or voice in that world assembly.

So, it doesn’t surprise me a wee bit to see the hypocritical US President Barack Hussein Obama Jr snuff out Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s first ever attempt to put in his people’s application to be duly recognized as a sovereign nation in the UN! 

He @ Obama is plainly Tel Aviv’s errand boy and better dance according to His Israeli Zionist Master’s tune or else…..

Watch Israeli PM ‘Bibi’ Benjamin Netanyahu school Obama upfront :

As I see it, there’s no way in hell that the UN will ever have it in them to see to it that a democratic sovereign free nation of Palestine will come into being during my lifetime?

Not when the so called Muslim nations are as divided today as correctly prophesied by Allah’s Mightiest Messenger, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam in many of his authentic hadiths.

Sometimes the American President needs to be whacked straight in his face by those who have the guts to tell it as it is like what this Israeli born rocker Chaim Witz @ Gene Simmons of the KISS long tongued group has to say about Obama’s proposals :

Not that I endorse Gene Simmons as a person worthy of support. Nope. I just want Obama to watch and learn from this video as to just what ordinary people think of him?

He is just another Zionist Israeli muppet!

By the way, just in case, the world forgot, here is what Palestine used to be before getting robbed of their country by the conniving British and American imperialists :

This my dear friends is not fiction but what the poor Palestinians have been robbed of?

Will we, who are living here in relatively peaceful Malaysia, remain quiet if our country is stolen from us?

I am pretty sure that none of us will just smile, nod our heads and welcome any bloody occupying force with ‘Bunga Raya’ garlands to the tune of ‘Rasa Sayang Eh‘ or ‘Malaysia Truly Asia‘ media ads!

So, please, spare a thought for the long suffering Palestinians and stop believing American Presidential bullshit!

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