February 26, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

9-11 ~ How did WTC Bldg # 7 collapse and crumble? The Bush lies…

One again, America flogs the 9-11 tragedy all over the world’s media lamenting the destruction of the twin World Trade Center towers and laid blame upon the yet to be proven existence of ‘Al-Qaeda’. 

An organisation said to be actually set up by the CIA @ Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Government of the Republic of the United States of America.

Despite overwhelming evidence that WTC7 collapsed as a result of specially detonated explosive charges designed to implode on its own without any plane falling onto it or struck by even a debris of the imploding twin towers of the World Trade Center, the US Government continues to be tight lipped about the exact causes as to why WTC7 collapsed to this day!

I ask that those of you who really give a damn about the truth and nothing but the whole truth to study whatreallyhappened and go through all the facts and evidence laid bare by America’s own experts?

Visit here to find out more. Verily the truth will stand out clear no matter what unless you choose to blinker yourself from the obvious!

Learn as to how the US Government under George W.Bush Jr carried out the biggest lie in world history and pulled off a sinister plot to massacre their own citizens and skewer an imagined enemy called Al-Qaeda and then go on a military rampage upon an ill equipped but mineral rich and full of natural resources 3rd world struggling sovereign nation of Afghanistan?

America then went on to claim that the People’s Republic of Iraq was also to be blamed for the WTC attack and subsequently devastated the oil rich country in the Middle East, occupying Iraq to this day and now eyeing the equally flushed with oil Islamic Republic of Iran!

Believe me that they will not rest till they get their claws onto Teheran and suck its oil wealth to be ferried back home to quench their insatiable thirst and greed over the Muslim nations natural resources by portraying such divided nations as the Axis of Evil!

I call upon all truth loving people of the world to wake up to the fallacy of 9-11 being the work of ‘Islamic terrorists’.

No such thing!

No Muslim worth his name and true faith of Al Islam will go on and kill himself and others in the name of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala!

9-11 was and still is an American conspiracy. Attested to by its own experts and professionals encompassing all its honored and established universities and institutions comprising of scientists and professors of the highest calibre.

Who do you choose to believe?

The ever lying American Presidents George W Bush Jr and his successor, the equally bullshitting President Barack Hussein Obama Jr or the renowned learned scientists and professors proving Washington wrong each and every time?

Still swallowing the Bush Jr lies?

Now read this : http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/fiveisraelis.html

Nothing could be as clear cut as these words from a You Tube viewer :

Granny’s secret neocon kosher recipe:
1. Scare the shit out of US voters with terrorist attacks
2. Invade Arab country with massive oil reserves
3. Sell US government lots of weapons
4. Extract oil and let cool for a while
5. Crack the global economy and censor the internet
6. Scare the shit out of US voters again
7. Invade Persian country with tons more oil reserves.
8. Invite Israeli friends and serve with finger biscuits and champagne

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