December 10, 2023


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Halloween Raya in Malaysia ~ Musings of a Mualaf’s views

I totally agree with Cikgu Nur Aliya Yeoh when she wrote an article in her blog  lamenting the way our local TV stations go head over heels so to speak in screening one horror movie after another during this Syawal month’s Aidilfitri celebrations!

Come to think of it, why should our local TV stations go bonkers in trying to give its viewers a scary Raya when in actuality they should instead focus on sending a positive message through constructive and educational if not enlightening movies that celebrate our success in completing our ibadah during Ramadhan?

Surely Aidilfitri should be a moment that brings the family together in love and goodness instead of having to sit through movie after movie of senseless horror and make believe ghouls?

What has scary movies got to do with celebrating Hari Raya?

I surely hope that whomsoever decides as to what shows, programs or movies are broadcasted or screened during any festive season on tv like in our current festive month of Syawal really do some sensible critical thinking and come up  with a much more logical list of screening proposals instead of classless local half baked attempts at trying to create local horror movies ala Hollywood but falling not only short of achieving such blockbusters quality or standards but falling so flatly on their not so scary faces! Humbug!!!

Iranian movies make much more sense despite their being conservative and more at home messages.

Don’t you agree?

Thank you Cikgu Aliya for voicing out what even I had grumbled during Aidilfitri when we were in Kuantan visiting my in laws!

MBA members surely think alike! Alhamdulillah! 🙂

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