December 3, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Living in Malaysia ~ Cherish and protect what we currently have!

I am writing this as a response to what a reader of my blog @ Brother ‘Supar Yop’ has commented here recently with regard to my sharing some eye opening aspects of our African immigrants culinary and dietary peculiarities.

He also appreciated my sharing about the ‘pure hearted’ kids and shared a story about his own son’s tendency to be as the kids I featured here.

Life for us today here in Malaysia is very closely attached to what our forefathers struggled so hard to achieve in an era when they had so little as far as materialistic gains are concerned.

Yet in their situation of lacking in material wealth, transportation or communication infrastructures, they had a sense of belonging to this land that is seriously lacking in most modern Malaysians.

I’m a product of the old school who grew up studying in a post British colonial education system in Penang.

I cherish our forefathers’ set of values that are based upon the Sunnah of the Blessed Final Messenger of Allah and traditional code of honor and decency.

Young Malaysians ought to have these same values instilled in them in order to continue our country’s rich heritage of being a civilized people.

We can have the best of both worlds. Scientifically and technologically advanced and up to date with all the latest there is in an everchanging world yet having the best moral and social values plus a sense of goodness that transcends the variety of our multi ethnicity, difference in languages and customs or our various faiths. 

Generally, that is what most Malaysians of afore used to put to practice before ‘kiasu’ism’ set in. I won’t blame it on the influence to be so being attributed to the Singaporeans. 

We have our own home grown versions as well which probably resulted from the social imbalance we have besetting our nation. 

There are too many people who don’t really care to bother about those who do not have the means to keep up with the ones who are flushed with cash and live a life full of wealth and splendor. Compassion is fast becoming a rarity today. People are becoming heartless by each passing day. Signs of the times?

Human kindness ought to be kept alive and be put to practice in our daily lives.

We must never be lackadaisical as far as making the most of our remaining time frame and cherish those whom we meet and have in our life is concerned.

We do not know when our time here on Earth is up unless one is a condemned criminal in Death Row and has been sentenced for Capital Punishment and aware of the exact time and date for one’s execution which has been set by the justice system?

Thus, its imperative that we live our remaining moments here on Earth in as best a manner as we possibly can. Insya Allah. 🙂

Please join me in beseeching Almighty Allah in the following prayer :

“Allahumma inna nas aluka salamatan fid diin, wal afiyatan fil jasad, waziyadatan fil ilmi, wabarakatan fir rizqi, wataubatan qablal maut, warahmatan indal maut, wamaghfiratan ba’dal maut!”

“O Allah, our God, indeed we appeal to You to protect us in our religion and grant us our physical health, enhance our knowledge and bless us with bounties, give us a chance to repent before we die and bless us while we are about to die and forgive us after we die!”

Ameen Ya Rahman; Ameen Ya Raheem!

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