February 22, 2024


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Portraits ~ Mahaguru58 Photoshoots at Tesco Ampang

The ever friendly Jamu Seller at Tesco Ampang. She always asks me to snap her photos together with her friends who all work at the mini stalls inside Tesco Ampang. Since there’s a photo processing studio within Tesco, they all like to have their photos processed there and then to send such shots back home to Indonesia. They just pay for their photos processing. I shoot their photos for free. Just polishing my photography skills using my Nikon D5000. 
Met Dewi, an Indonesian who’s working for a local tailor from Gombak, who was selling Baju Melayu’s at the Tesco Ampang corridor. Used Picasa to turn her photo into a B&W shot.
She was a shy young girl who tried to hide from my lenses. I waited for her to peek out at me after she had ran inside her mom’s stall selling Hari Raya Aidilfitri clothing and the second she did as I expected her to do, I snapped this photo! 😛 Gotcha!!!!

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