December 9, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

The world’s most polite robbery caught on CCTV and subsequent arrest

What can I say? I’m just flabbergasted!

Its a crazy world out there!

Anyway, the polite 65 year old robber, Gregory Paul Hess was soon arrested by the police after the CCTV recording of the now world famous Roxbury Shell Petrol Station, West Seattle, Seattle, USA robbery went viral and someone who knew him recognized the elderly seasoned robber and reported him to the cops.

Gregory Paul Hess had committed a series of bank robberies before and had just been released on probation recently from prison. 

When detectives investigating the case turned up at his house, he confessed to the crime by saying ‘ I’m the one you are looking for!’ and pointed the cops to the pellet gun he had used in the holdup.

He had robbed US$200 from the petrol station’s cashier. Used it to buy food and gas, paid a cellphone bill, then deposited the remaining $90 in his bank account. 

Guess, elderly robbers learn to put some of their ill-gotten gains aside for ‘rainy days’, huh?

Read about the case here, here and here.

Soon, we might just have copycats doing the same here since Malaysians are notorious for coming up with our own versions of everything that goes on in the West!

Maafkan saya…tetapi saya perlu rompak tuan???


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