December 11, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysian Politicks and Mudslinging in Blogosphere despite Ramadhan!

What can I say? If it was just Non Muslim Malaysian politicians and SOPO bloggers going on with their politicking and mudslinging on full swing despite the presence of Ramadhan in our lives, I could dismiss them off as being ignorant of the sacred and holiest month of Islam?

But if one reads the newspapers or online media consisting of news portals and blogs, one would witness no letting up of the craziness that seems to continue building up a frenzy of hatred and vile behavior amongst the instigators and responders out there!

I just don’t know what to say about these people? How do we categorize them? Don’t these folks who claim to be Muslims know that it’s forbidden to carry on with such uncivilized behavior in Ramadhan? 

Not that its okay to do the same in the other months but at least have the decency to control one’s foul-speaking tongue or rein in that vitriol in respect of our most sacred month of the Islamic calendar?

These individuals keep spreading their filth so to speak, poisoning the hearts and minds of others who are striving against all odds to at least purify their thoughts and contemplate on their spiritual quest to redeem themselves before Allah the Almighty.

Are they not grateful and appreciative of being still alive in Ramadhan? What guarantee is there that we might still get to live to the next? Have they not witnessed many who have just passed on from this life to the next just moments ago or didn’t get to live in this month of Ramadhan which has now entered into the fourth day?

Why are these people who would not hesitate to holler and protest at the topmost of their vocal chords if anyone tries to ‘insult’ Islam not bother to at least accord the proper respect to the very faith that they claim to live and die for?

The insults, expletives issued forth and name calling seems not to dissipate out of respect or reverence to Ramadhan in the social media so to speak?

Surely, those who blog as such do remember that Malaikatul Maut @ Sayyidina Izra’el Alaihis Salam has not gone on leave yet or ever will he be till Doomsday comes a calling?

I know about the ‘freedom of expression bla bla bla but Muslims ought to know better than to dance to the tune of those who are not? Especially in our month that is so sacred and holy to us? Why choose to be as they are?

Will they bother to take heed of my call or will they remain oblivious and recalcitrant still?

I have my doubts.

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