February 27, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Psych Wars – Crying foul when caught in action – Mimosa Pudica’s

To those who don’t know much about the Opposition’s usage of Psych-War to bring about a change in the people’s mindsets, they ought to do a study on how psychological warfare is being waged by those seeking to takeover power here in Malaysia from the ruling BN?

If you do a search on ‘psych-war’, you will come across 7,490,000 results in 0.16th of a second using Google Search!

At the very top of all those millions of links sits the Wikipedia site : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_warfare

Taken directly from that page is the following :

Psychological warfare (PSYWAR), or the basic aspects of modern psychological operations (PSYOP), have been known by many other names or terms, including Psy Ops, Political Warfare, “Hearts and Minds,” and Propaganda.[1] Various techniques are used, by any set of groups, and aimed to influence a target audience’s value systems, belief systems, emotionsmotivesreasoning, or behavior. It is used to induce confessions or reinforce attitudes and behaviors favorable to the originator’s objectives, and are sometimes combined with black operations or false flag tactics. Target audiences can be governmentsorganizationsgroups, and individuals.
The U.S. Department of Defense defines psychological warfare as:
“The planned use of propaganda and other psychological actions having the primary purpose of influencing the opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behavior of hostile foreign groups in such a way as to support the achievement of national objectives.”[2]
During World War II the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff defined psychological warfare more broadly stating “Psychological warfare employsany weapon to influence the mind of the enemy. The weapons are psychological only in the effect they produce and not because of the weapons themselves.”[3]
Now, for those who can understand what is being stated above, clearly, such methods which are being deployed by those striving to win over the hearts and minds of Malaysians who can be easily influenced by tactics such as subtle manipulations of emotions and suggestive slogans plastered across t-shirts, banners, stickers, graffiti, blog articles, political cartoons, websites, online and offline publications, media, etc.
Take for instance, the way political cartoons are being used to attack certain politicians, government officers, law enforcement agencies, etcetera under guise of exercising the freedom of speech but in actuality waging a psych-war targeting the hearts and minds of the reading public. 
The evidence is all there and it is really up to the relevant authorities as to whether they want to take action against such offenders or play the waiting game and wait to gather much more incriminating evidence against the perpetrators before moving in for the kill?
The Malaysian Opposition have long employed such strategic weapons to undermine and bring down the BN government by ridiculing the key figures of the longstanding federal government of the day and by also harping on the screw-ups of the BN’s leading politicians by constantly focusing on cases that involve high administrative positioned BN figureheads.
I don’t have to name names here to showcase a few big shots of the BN who are now ensnared in legal disputes and facing charges of corruption and wrong doings.
Some of these BN hot shots are those who can be likened to be as the Mimosa Pudica’s ~ ‘Touch me not’s!’
Ever since I highlighted one such case, I’d been getting a lot of ‘fan mail’ from those who venerate and idolize such ‘infallible’s‘. 

A remora @ suckerfish sticks itself to its host and eats whatever scrap comes it way

I usually don’t entertain such anonymous remora‘s for the very fact that these anonymous cyber parasites have no standing in cyber-sphere and are merely political groupies who hang around or keep company with such political sharks hoping to catch a scrap or two that might fall their way in the feeding frenzy of ill-gotten gains in the Malaysian political Bolehland which we all know exists but not that many are willing to admit is for real!

Seems to me that here in Bolehland, bloggers are expected to be either pro this or against that?
Sorry to have to exclude myself from such leanings. In blogging about the socio-political-religious issues that affects the life of each and every fellow Malaysian, one can’t be expected to take sides or close one or both eyes to any wrongdoings from any such parties that one comes to learn about or gets proof of?
The ruling BN coalition isn’t exactly squeaky clean to speak of but neither are those who intend to take its place?
The worse thing would be to allow any of those who have agendas or plans against the safety and well being of the general ummah here in Mamluk Al Malaisie to get their way and call the shots here in our nation!
No sirree! May Allah Forbid!
That doesn’t mean that bloggers like me would shut an eye and pretend not to see any screw-ups that the powers that be commit?
This is our battleground and we will wage war against those who are doing harm to the people on both sides of the field so to speak!
We who are human are susceptible to what we see, hear, sense, touch, feel and comprehend?
When we look at a message contained in a visual before us, our mind processes whatever any such message states and we either accept such info as it is or relegate it to the back of our mind and given the right stimuli, we will recollect such message and either accept it as such or dismiss it off as irrelevant!
I’m sure that there are those of you who have heard of the saying,’ Capture the hearts and minds first ; the rest will just follow through!’.
Well, it is proven to be true in many cases.
The invading army or occupiers lull the conquered into thinking that these here are their liberators as witnessed in the invasion and occupation of Iraq by the American troops.
Eventually, the occupying American troops started to get big-headed and were prone to terrorize the civilian population and cases of prisoners abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison complex started to be heard and we also learned of many other atrocities committed by the American soldiers who raped and abused many Iraqi women and in several cases did so before the unfortunate women’s husbands and family members and they were all then massacred at will by the demons amongst the US Army.
Well, things can turn from bad to worse in a split second, no matter how peaceful or harmless one perceives any situation anywhere on Earth?
We are living in relative peace and harmony here in Malaysia for now but there is just no guarantee that it will remain so forever.
Right now, there are those who are working towards unleashing the demons amongst us who might just trigger an avalanche of human induced wave of madness and unbridled aggression under the banner of democracy!
All we can do is just wait and see what’s gonna take place as a result of all these psych-wars that’s being waged upon our people?
I love the man
who can smile in trouble,
that can gather strength
from distress,
and grow brave by reflection.
‘Tis the business of little minds
to shrink,
but he whose heart is firm,
and whose conscience 
approves his conduct,
will pursue his principles
unto death!

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