December 4, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Mankind’s state on the Day of Judgment @ Yaum al Qiyammah

Repent! Now….

After all creatures that were alive in these universes have died and perished, Allah the Almighty will command the Angel Israfil Alaihis Salam to blow the Trumpet or Horn @ Sangkakala to revive all creatures which had died.

The Angel Israfil Alaihis Salam after blowing his Horn will then cry out in a very mighty voice ” O Life that had left the bodies, bones that have crumbled to dust, bodies that have decomposed, veins that have disintegrated, skins that have been destroyed, hairs that have fallen! 

Rise all of you to be judged for your deeds and receive what you deserve before Allah the Almighty, the Supreme Judge above all judges and the Supreme King above all kings!”

Then, suddenly all will rise abruptly after they are returned to the state of living.

They will see that the skies would constantly be in motion.

When they look down upon the earth, they will see that the earth has changed, not like the earth that was before.

When they look above at the stars, they will see that the stars have gathered together in a very huge cluster.

When they look out at the sea, they will see it burning fiercely on fire.

The Angel Zabaniah will be standing before them.

They will witness the sun which would have lost its light.

They will then realize that they are now in the stage of Yaum al Qiyamat @ Doomsday.

They will then say ” This is what Allah promised and this proves that the Messengers were right!”

As revealed in Surah Yassin Chapter 36 Verse 52 in the Holy Al Qur’an:


Qaloo ya waylana manbaAAathana min marqadina hatha mawaAAada arrahmanu wasadaqaalmursaloon

Sahih International

They will say, “O woe to us! Who has raised us up from our sleeping place?” [The reply will be], “This is what the Most Merciful had promised, and the messengers told the truth.”

They will come out of their graves without clothes, without shoes and anything.

They will all be naked without a string covering themselves.

During the resurrection, mankind will be in various states of appearance.

1. Some will appear as apes for they were prone to slandering others during their lifetime on earth.

2. There will be those resurrected as pigs for their tendencies to take bribes on earth and commit breach of trusts.

3. Some will be resurrected blind for being extreme when sentencing mankind.(judges and magistrates?)

4. Some will be raised deaf and dumb for being overawed with their own deeds.

5. Then there will be those who have stinking foul smelling pus and blood oozing out from themselves who would constantly be stabbing their own tongues. These will be the religious scholars who preach to and teach others but they themselves would not practice it. (The Rotten Ulema)

6. There will be those who were raised having open sores and festering wounds all over themselves for being liars and false witnesses on Earth.

7. Some will be resurrected with their soles of their feet stuck to their forehead and stink so much. So stinking to the effect that their stench will be worse than rotting carrion. (These are the ones who were willing to purchase the comfort of the worldly life by misusing religion and abusing their positions as the ones entrusted with taking care of the religious affairs of the people they were entrusted with)

8. Some will be returned to life as drunks, falling to their left and right. (These are those who were stingy and refused to spend their wealth in the Cause of Allah)

9. There will be some who will really be intoxicated and drunk. (These will be those who love to speak of worldly affairs in the mosques).

10. Those raised as pigs will also be those who loved to live on Riba ~ the forbidden interests which they charged others when engaged in trade and commerce.

11. There will also be those resurrected without hands and legs. ( These are those who love to hurt the feelings and harm their neighbors by being spiteful, envious, quarrelsome, etcetera).

12. There will also be those who are raised as pigs for neglecting their prayers or for being ignorant or careless in learning the matters concerning solat. (Praying without understanding the meanings and reasons of each action of solat).

13. There will also be those resurrected with their bellies full of biting venomous snakes and stinging scorpions. (These are those who refused to give in charity or even if they did, it would be so paltry compared to the abundant wealth which they owned in their earthly life)

14. There will also be some from whom foul smelling, stinking rotten blood will ooze continuously from their mouths. ( These are the people who lie and cheat in their business affairs)

15. There will also be those separated from the rest of the gathered mass of mankind for being much more rotten than stinking carrion. ( These are those who hid evidences of sin, crimes and wrongdoing fearing the repercussions from Man instead of Almighty Allah!)

16. Some will have their throats cut open and their necks hanging by a thread of sinew. These are those who were willing to be false witnesses and lied in court.

17. There will be those who rose from their graves without tongues and foul stinking blood oozing from their mouths. These are the ones who when alive were so reluctant and lazy to utter the Kalimah Syahadah ~ Declaration of Faith.

18. Then there will be some who walk with their heads down on the ground and feet up in the air. Blood and foul smelling pus will always be flowing out from their genitals. These are those who loved to commit adultery and fornication when they were alive on earth.

19. Some will be resurrected with darkened faces and their stomachs full of burning embers from the hellfire. They are the ones who ruthlessly confiscated  and usurped the property of orphans. 

20. We will then witness those who will be suffering from leprosy and skin diseases. These are the ones who were cruel to their parents and betrayed them.

21. Some will be having teeth like the horns of the cattle. Their tongues protruding and hanging down to their bellies. Faeces and urine constantly coming out from their torn bellies. These are those who were alcoholics and drunkards on earth. 

May we be amongst those who are quick to repent and stop ourselves from remaining in sin. May we be able to apologize and ask for forgiveness from those whom we have wronged or committed injustices.

Lets not waste any moment from seeking the Forgiveness of Allahu Rabbul Alamin, Lord Almighty of us all. 

Lets redeem ourselves by making amends if we had hurt, been cruel or harsh to anyone, betrayed, insulted and harmed them in any way?

Lets not be careless in matters concerning our responsibilities towards others for when we stand before Him, there is no room for error. Not a morsel will escape His Attention and He Knows us more than we know our own selfs.

Our sins however minute here on Earth will be expounded 7 times over in the Hereafter.

There will be none who would be able to help us save for our good deeds if there are any?

We must remember that the paradise for a child lies at the soles of his or her parents and that the paradise for parents lies at the palms of their children who put their palms together beseeching Allah the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful Lord of us all asking for forgiveness of not only themselves but for both of their parents.

If we are careless and ignore the above which have been revealed to us, then we must be ready to face the consequences in the Hereafter on the Day of Resurrection and answer for our deeds or misdeeds here on Earth before the Supreme Creator of us all.

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