December 3, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Obedient Wives Club ~ Turning wives into whores….really???

Global Ikhwan Sdn Bhd is the offshoot company of the now banned Al Arqam Movement and has recently been at the forefront of a club that its members have set up to help wives be of a class better than the best prostitutes there are out there!

The lady featured in the video above is a medical doctor. An educated, intelligent, well learned professional.

Not a clueless in KL type bimbo.

She knows what she is talking about? That a woman who is married ought to be able to keep her husband well pleased with her in all areas. That is good and no one would want to say anything to the contrary.

We have no problems in wanting to see more harmonious couples or where the husband has more than just a wife, to still wish that those polygamous families get to live happily no matter what.

I for one respect and appreciate what Dr. Rohaya Mohamad is trying to do especially when it involves commitment on the part of the wife or wives to please their husbands?

Yet for her to go on and say that wives should be better than prostitutes brings disrepute to the high and honored status and position of those who are legally married wife’s.

That equation is simply not right or correct.

One does not label one’s wife to be as a whore or prostitute. Her saying that a good wife is a good sex worker or a good whore in bed is in my opinion turning an honorable life partner of a husband to be seen or deemed to be nothing more than a prostitute needs to be rectified and promptly corrected!

May God Forbid!

Al Arqam women are quite known to be very subservient to their husbands. They are either indoctrinated to have that mindset that they must comply with their husband’s every whim and fancy.

To be excellent in everything. 

In the kitchen, she’s the best cook. Able to sew, bake, sweep the house clean, do the laundry, iron, decorate, this and that….practically like the characters in the movie titled ‘Stepford Wives‘.

Just like in the movie, the ex Al Arqam folks seem to be stuck in a proverbial time tunnel and condescending mindset where the womenfolk are programmed to be at the beck and call of the hubby 24/7.

I know that this is the epitome of the perfect wife but aren’t we forgetting that the dear ol’ husbands must also be up to mark as far as playing their roles as the ideal partner for their wife or wives?

I totally agree that what Dr.Rohaya and her club members wish to provide for their respective husbands is totally consistent and in line with what our faith teaches and expects of dutiful wives and that such devotion should be on an equal level between man and his wife or wives.

I just don’t agree to using that derogatory term of associating honorably married women with the position or roles of being whores or prostitutes!

We shouldn’t smear the reputation of properly married women with such a sinful occupation.

Dr.Rohaya ought to stop using that assumption or unwarranted label on any wife.

That in my opinion is definitely a No! No!

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