February 27, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Islamic State Bluff ~ Neither UMNO or PAS were really serious about it!

Karpal Singh needs not fret and lose sleep about the probability of an Islamic State from ever being set up here in Malaysia.

It will never happen.

The Malay Sultans will never have it in them to sign such laws into replacing the British Colonials legacy that we have in the form of the Federal Constitution. 

Neither will the ruling BN Federal Government do so or the Opposition Pact if they ever come into power in Putrajaya change our Constitution to be that of the Syariah.

The reality that the Malays of this land do not really have the guts or the strength of faith to really impose and implement the true Syariah Laws of Allah is on record historically.

Power corrupts. 

Absolute power even more so.

Worldly pursuits and extravagance gets into everyone. More so when we take into account the way the Malay Royalty get to enjoy life without having to give up on a hedonistic lifestyle where their every whim and fancy is catered to by an ever condescending federal government who in return also get to feather their individual nests to the max.

The losers?

All those who postulate before the titled ones and live on the meager scraps and bits thrown their way by the lords and masters masquerading as those who serve the people when in reality it is the total opposite.

Even PAS have abandoned their Islamic State agenda as witnessed in their recent party convention where their President Abdul Hadi Awang stressed that the party now intends to set up a welfare state in place of their former stand.

So, we have to accept the reality that whatever dreams most Malaysian Muslims had of living under the Syariah is now proven that it will remain just that! A dream.

Karpal Singh the DAP Chairman has prevailed over PAS by getting them to abandon their objective of setting up an Islamic State all these while.

What was their battle cry of establishing an ‘Islamic State’ at all costs is now reduced to a mere whimper of selecting a ‘Welfare State’ to appease their DAP and PKR masters.

Its true.

The DAP and PKR are the ones who really call the shots in the Opposition Pact. 

PAS are not allowed to pursue their original objective for the DAP have very vehemently and consistently opposed the idea of having the Syariah to prevail over the Civil Laws here in Malaysia.

Thus, it comes as no surprise to me in seeing PAS buckle under the onslaught of DAP and PKR’s demands that the ‘Islamic’ party give up on their party’s main objective and turn it around to be that of a ‘welfare state’.

Don’t even dream of the Malay Royals to come to the rescue as far as the aspirations of most Malaysian Muslims are to be able or allowed to live under the true Syariah Laws of Islam.

That my dear fellow Malaysians will forever be just that. A dream.

My suggestion is simply this. Each and every Muslim just live our lives as per what the Al Quran of Almighty Allah and Sunnah of Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam demands of us.

I have given up of seeing the Syariah to prevail over us in my lifetime. I don’t know about what tomorrow brings?

All I can hope and pray for is that the Malays of Malaysia will not lose their birthrights to rule over their motherland to eventually disappear over the coming years like what has happened to the Champa Malays, Siamese Malays and other Malay people in this South East Asian region!

Envy and political conniving amongst the Malays of Malaysia is the root cause that causes them to stab each other in their backs whilst pretending to be united as a Malaysian people.

I myself became a victim of such treachery recently when I was asked to choose between my job as a Communications Director of a recently launched WebTV or remain as Mahaguru58 the MBA Blogger?

I was given an ultimatum by the one calling the shots there because he couldn’t stomach my criticizing the Malay Royalty and the ruling government through my blog here. 

So I chose to remain as Mahaguru58 to fulfill my promise to Allahu Ta’ala that I will spend the rest of my remaining life to His Cause and uphold the Truth and Justice of Islam!

I write based on the realities of our life here in Malaysia and base my viewpoints on facts not fiction. 

I can’t for the life of me decide for others or to force anyone to see things as they are for some choose to remain as subservient minions of those in power and not be true servants of Almighty Allah as they should! To each their own!

The Islamic State clarion call is nothing but just a bluff by both UMNO and PAS. The rest don’t even come into the picture for it is either of these two Malay dominated political parties who can really make that happen!

I also do not see the Malay Royals rising up to the occasion of making Malaysia a truly Islamic State as we all once wished for?

Malaysia is now officially a ‘Dalcha Nation’. Where everything and anything goes!

No matter what anyone says or states otherwise, we are damned to remain so unless those who are empowered to decide otherwise comes to prove me wrong!

I would very much welcome that! So, here I am challenging all those concerned to do just that!

Uphold Islam in the real sense of the word and not continue to bluff us forever!

The way things are happening today in this country, we who are Muslims have now lost any hope of seeing Islamic Syariah Laws to be really upheld and implemented in the real sense of the word as far as the country’s laws and constitution is concerned.

All that I have now is just my absolute and total faith in Allahu Ta’ala and that He will give us Malaysians a true Muslim leader who will lead us to His Mercy and protect Malaysia from ending up as another hedonistic nation that will face His Wrath as what we have seen happen to countries where Islam was just a facade!


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