December 3, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Putrajaya 101 ~ Anwar Ibrahim keeps blowing hot air …..

Sometimes, technology makes it so much more easier for us to not waste too much time on writing about the political shenanigans of those whose lifelong ambitions in life is nothing but to squeeze in their butt onto the plush most coveted seat of power over this nation located there at the Prime Minister’s Department at Putrajaya!

We just need to watch, listen to and carefully analyze all that’s being presented to us in the compilation of video clippings above and only then probably come to a conclusion as to who it is that we want running or ruining this nation of ours in the next 13th GE?

We all now know as to the endless promises after promises that people like the PKR’s head honcho has been making to Malaysia ever since he had the political carpet yanked abruptly from right under his ambitious DPM’s feet way back in 1998?

We also heard of the political coup that was supposed to have taken place on the 16th of September, 2008?

We also heard him promising the Kg Buah Pala Indian villagers of Bukit Gelugor, Penang that their century old village would definitely not be demolished and that he himself will take care of it personally or otherwise not to call him by his name…

Lucky for us, that distraught Indian mother was prevented from immolating herself in her moment of grief seeing the bulldozers tear apart her ancestral home in the now extinct Kg Buah Pala…..

Sometimes life is so unfair to those who are forced to listen to nothing but false and empty promises from hot air blowing politicians who’d waste no time in promising them the skies and the moon in order to garner much needed votes that will bring them closer to the coveted Prime Ministerial seat that will ensure a lifelong assurance of earthly benefits and a feathered nest that will take care of the needs of one’s dynasty till Yaum al Akhirat..

The poor Indian villagers of Kg Buah Pala and so many other kampongs of my home state in Penang are now suffering from an incurable condition of having to breathe in too much hot air from the bullshitting PR parliamentarians…

Even if they are forced to swallow glasses after glasses in liters of ENO, their political heartburn will simply not go away. 

Not even Dr.Mahathir can relieve them of their extreme sufferings for today, Penang is now under the dictatorship of Devils After Power!

I remember seeing many years before the electoral posters in Georgetown, Penang of DAP’s Lim Kit Siang who once campaigned to be Penang’s Chief Minister with POWERRRRR!!!!

Well, he didn’t get his wish to be the Robocop CM of Penang himself but his son, Lim Guan Eng is now the Chief Minister of the DAP State Government of Penang!

Consider it as Kit Siang’s own victory by proxy as far as taking over the nation’s once most industrious state! I am pretty sure that Kit Siang is so very satisfied by his son’s victory in achieving what he himself set out to do?

It truly must have felt good for Kit Siang to see his son get to realize something that he dreamed of for so many years ~ occupying the CM post and get to watch the panoramic grand view high up there in the KOMTAR Tower above the City of Georgetown, Penang Island!

Here is a photo of Lim Guan Eng, showing his dad scenes of Penang Island after taking office as the DAP Penang Chief Minister! 

I don’t question Lim Guan Eng’s Chief Minister-ship! He won fair and square in the 12th GE after having gone to jail for defending the honor of a Malay girl who was said to have been the victim of a former Malaccan Chief Minister! Its all a historical fact! Can’t deny it! That’s part of our Malaysian reality.. whether we like it or not?

Now, back to Anwar Ibrahim and his lifelong ambition to be the next Malaysian PM at all costs!

Malaysians need to be aware of what has been promised by Anwar Ibrahim over the years?

As far as I am concerned, I wouldn’t be buying into any such stories due to the fact that going by the track record of what he has surely shown over the passage of time, political rhetoric and dramatics can actually be just very entertaining to pass our leisure time but to place our nation’s hope for a better future by risking it all on empty promises, is akin to believing that Karpal Singh will actually go on and fight for justice that he promised the Kg Memali victims surviving families at the Forum Keadilan which was held at the Dewan Sri Pinang, way back in 1999!

To date, there has been no follow up action on the part of the DAP Supremo and Anwar Ibrahim has been quite consistent with his share of blowing hot air himself…

Too much hot air is not good for our Malaysians health…

You might just die of frustration…that is a very scary premonition. 

Dare we risk it all?

Thanks but no thanks….

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