December 10, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Benjamin Stephen’s Blasphemy Case ~ No Further Action by PDRM?

I am sort of perplexed to see that my police report against the still at large blaspheming priest Benjamin Stephen @ apostate Badrul Hisyam being in a state of limbo or as me and my friends fear now classified as ‘NFA‘ ~ No Further Action by the Royal Malaysian Police’s Special Branch.

One of those who had accompanied me to the Pudu Police Station in the follow up investigations by the Special Branch is a retired top police officer himself. He has been constantly emailing me and asking about the status of the case and fears that it is now relegated to the ‘NFA’ file cabinet by the ones said to handle the blasphemy against Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam as I reported here before.

Personally I think the same. That despite the nationwide brouhaha that my report resulted and even top BN ministers themselves had jumped onto the media bandwagon and stated their piece themselves, everything has now fizzled into nothingness. Read about the Minister of Communication’s response here

The SKMM or MCMC seem to not have achieved anything despite their having called myself to give my statements pertaining to the case over at their HQ in Cyberjaya.

It amuses me to see PERKASA members now flogging the same dead horse as if this blasphemy by Benjamin Stephen is something new as we can see by the way blogs like MiM are reporting about it all over again?

To me, it is really a shame to see the case against Benjamin ending up like not a big deal because this sly bastard is still free and at large despite the seriousness of his insults against the Greatest Prophet of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and the outrage that he had caused by badmouthing Islam as well!

If the SB really wanted to get this bloke, they would have got him by now but by what we are all seeing, insulter’s and blasphemers against Islam and its Prophet seem to be invincible and free to roam the world unhindered as proven in the case of Benjamin Stephen.

In fact, the blaspheming videos of Benjamin Stephen are now back online on You Tube as shown here uploaded by firdaus7961. So much for the SKMM’s action in removing them from viewing by the online public!

When I am asked by the retired police officer as to whether I have been contacted by the Investigating Officer of the police report I lodged against Benjamin the Blasphemer, I can only tell him that to this date not a squeak, not an sms or phone call has been made to me by the IO concerned.

Its a shame but thats the reality.

Anyone who insults and issues derogatory statements against the Holy Prophet of Allah seems able to get away with just about anything they say or do here in Malaysia.

If this had happened in other countries such as Iran, Pakistan, India or Indonesia, the culprit or culprits would have long been tracked down almost overnight and given their rightful dues as provided by their relative laws gazetted in their countries.

In Malaysia, these blasphemers can get away just like that!

I just want to see justice be done against this blasphemer for insulting Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam but it seems that our government law enforcement agencies don’t seem to be that concerned about this case anymore!

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