December 3, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysia and its plethora of shit-stirring useless politicians and NGO’s!

If there is one thing that Malaysia is full of, we can safely conclude that it is full of useless no good shit-stirring politicians and NGO’s who continue to make a cacophony of noise that sounds close to that of a turkey farm.

All kinds of gobble gobble gobbledegook’s that seems to emanate just from all corners of the screwed up animal farm like socio-political scenario we have here messing up the peace and relative harmony we have amongst us.

From the useless rhetoric spewing Lim Kit Siang & Co. in the DAP to the sabre rattling chump we have in Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali and the fatwa spewing Nik Aziz of PAS and the often embroiled in scandal of the sexual kind in PKR’s Anwar Ibrahim!

What has DAP’s Lim Kit Siang contributed to Malaysia?
Except for his endless courtroom and Parliament theatrics, has Karpal done any good for Bukit Glugor folks?
What has Nik Aziz done for Kelantanese except spout a politically laced lopsided fatwa every now and then?
Anwar has been at the root of every political turmoil ever since he  ran foul of his then mentor Tun Dr.M
Waythamoorthy ~ the mastermind of the HINDRAF group at large who continues to instigate the Indians to take to the streets in protest whilst he remains safe overseas stirring shit against our nation
Hishamudin Tun Hussein – Malaysian Home Minister of Warnings
PM Mohd Najib Tun Razak ~ Caught between the proverbial Devil and the Deep Blue Sea?
The infamous rabble rouser from Pasir Mas ~ if he keeps his trap shut, none would notice him..hence…
Next we have the rabble rousing HINDRAF fellows who cry foul everytime any of their fellow Indians gets toasted by the men in blue for running afoul of the law followed by just about every other group or NGO that almost always have some kind of issue that they are not happy about?

To top it off we have a corrupt ridden assortment of both state and federal governments made up of both sides of the political field messing up our days and nights giving us endless migraines and heartaches in almost every aspect of our life’s!

Why the hell can’t all these fellows come to their senses and look for ways to make our life better instead of constantly griping, grumbling, making threats of impending bloodbaths and evoking May 13 1969 every goddamn moment?

I’m sure that most of us peace loving Malaysians are sick and tired of all these damn idiots!

I don’t know about you but everytime I come across a news report or blogpost about any of these moronus ignoramuses making life a bit more miserable for all of us, i just end up wishing them dead!


I’d go on a spree donating bananas on every Friday at the nearest masjid the minute I hear any of the troublemakers kicking the bucket!

I have a whole long list of the ‘les miserables‘ I wanna hear returning to the realm of Almighty Allah in the shortest nearest space of time. 

They keep doing all the following 7 nasty habits that will drive each and every sane person nuts:

  • Punishing. 
  • Complaining. 
  • Blaming. 
  • Threatening. 
  • Nagging. 
  • Criticizing. 
  • Bribing.

Our country is a beautiful place to live in but all these useless rhetoric spewing political and so called NGO’s are making it a hell hole for us who long for the days of old when people were more at peace and at ease co-existing with one another.

If these shit-stirrers are not put in place or taken action against in the real sense of the word, then just wait and see where this country is going to end up?

Unfortunately for us, we have a lame duck Home Minister who keeps issuing endless warnings after warnings and doesn’t have the gonads to do what he is employed to do?

We also have a condescending Premier who doesn’t dare rock the boat so to speak and ends up having just every Ahmad, Ah Seng and Samy dare to cross the proverbial line and raise just every issue that was formerly considered taboo and make every Malaysian lose sleep and worry as to what the hell is going to happen next?

We seem to be stuck with robbers and squanderers on both sides of the political field and either way we turn to we are faced with the same old kind of shit stirrers with only a pro this or opposing that label stuck on their ugly old mugs.

Neither can we turn to the royals. They have their own share of power struggles within the splendour and luxury of their palaces. We aren’t supposed to speak ill of them either lest we be accused of committing ‘lese majeste’.

At the end of the day, my dear fellow Malaysians, we are left to our own devices. We can’t really expect any of these dimwits to come to our rescue and save us from all these marauding sharks masquerading as squealing dolphins!

The very minute that you are distracted, they’ll take a huge bite out of you and you’ll end up as another of a long list of the human collateral that no one really gives a second thought about in their personal quest to feather their nests at our expense.

It also makes no difference as to whether one believes in democracy, socialism or in the demised system of Muslim khilafah?

The way things are going, we can expect none of the above to deliver us from the evils that we are currently facing here in Bolehland.

Mosques are no longer sacred for the likes of PKR’s hordes of roughriders. They ran amok at the courts yesterday, ripping off stainless steel railing at the steps to the Jalan Duta Courts complex.

Nothing seems sacrosanct anymore.

I worry for our kids and future generations who seem to be stricken with the ‘Tidak Apathy’ syndrome.

Is there still any hope for us ? From the looks of it, it isn’t a pretty picture.

May Allah save us all.


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