November 29, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

PEMBELA Extremists??? Surely those accusing them as such are nuts!!!

Those anonymous cybersniping buffoons you find proliferating at Malaysiakini accusing PEMBELA as extremists are idiots who know nuts about the outstanding personalities fronting the Islamic NGO’s umbrella organization known as such.

I know personally each righteous Muslim leader heading his own organization and I can vouch for their personal integrity, selflessness and leadership capabilities in bringing about a better Muslim society albeit through their own groups and associations.

Dr.Yusri Mohamad

Labeling Dr.Yusri Mohamad as this or that contrary to his true personality is the work of uneducated, ignorant cowards who are blinkered fools incapable of differentiating between the chaff and the grains.

What can we expect from a bunch of fanatics who refuse to study in depth about whatever issues that PEMBELA raises due to their bias and open agenda in badmouthing and belittling Islam and Muslims here in Malaysia?

Given the recent terms of weak leadership that we have seen ruling this nation since Mahathir resigned his premiership, those who had been toeing the line and biding their time in fear of official reprisals if they breached the social and religious norms that had been keeping this multi-ethnic, multi-faithed nation together have now decided to show their true colors and have started to rock the boat so to speak.

Dr.Yusri Mohamad (R) with former JAKIM Director General Dato Wan Muhammad

Dr.Yusri Mohamad is a gentle, soft spoken very down to earth Muslim. He does not have any airs about him and he is on record of being a very easy to approach leader. 

This was apparent during his presidency of ABIM, the Malaysian Muslim Youth Brigade where he took part in many forums and discussions involving inter-faith matters. 

If he is truly an extremist as alleged by the Malaysiakini cybersnipers, would he have bothered to sit together with liberals and hypocrites who were there at the post Lina Joy forum at the DAP organized Hotel Armada, PJ event?

Malaysians especially those from amongst the Non Muslims reading Malaysiakini and its like must not be quick to draw any such conclusions about anyone just because certain web portals tend to raise an alarm and spin tales to please their paymasters. 

We must all learn to study in depth and check out any such volatile news or views for they might just turn out to be nothing but hot air being blown by those who wouldn’t think twice about incinerating innocent hearts and minds purely for their own twisted political and religious agenda!

In these End Times, there is always the tendency to turn some saints into sinners and vice versa!

Dr.Yusri Mohamad is a good guy and I can vouch for him anytime!

Its those cybersniping cowards at Malaysiakini who are spawns of the devil we all need to watch out for!

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