December 4, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

MCA ~ Malay – Chinese Agitation? Why must they fall prey to instigators?

The recent call by the MCA to boycott Utusan Malaysia is pretty redundant! 

I’m curious to know as to the actual number of Malaysian Chinese and particularly members of the MCA who really make it a point to subscribe or even really do buy the nation’s foremost Malay newspaper?

Source . Quoting from Malaysiakini:

MCA calls on public to boycott Utusan

MCA has urged Malaysians to boycott Utusan Malaysia over its editors call for a ‘1Melayu, 1bumi’ movement, which the party argued was legitimising racial discrimination.

Party deputy publicity chief Loh Seng Kok said that the 1Melayu, 1bumi concept advocated by the Umno-owned newspaper was an attempt to punish the Chinese for exercising their democratic rights to choose during elections.

malaysiakini interview loh seng kok 061108 04In a statement written in Mandarin issued late yesterday evening, Loh (left) said all conscientious Malaysians should boycott the newspaper and accelerate Utusan Malaysia‘s already plunging circulation numbers.

“The newspaper’s position is perverting the Najib administration’s 1Malaysia concept and instilling evil thoughts among the public. This outdated concept will be condemned by the international community.

“Does Utusan Malaysia want to emulate South Africa and (early) United States of America which practised apartheid and racial segregation ?” he said.

Reiterating points he raised in a statement on Thursday morning, Loh said that Utusan Malaysia must be reminded that the BN comprises 13 component parties , representing various communities and thus ‘1Melayu, 1bumi’ does not augur well for the coalition.

Most importantly, if the newspaper wants to win the respect of everyone, they should be committed to the 1Malaysia concept and help bridge the differences among the various communities, he said.

Will Soi Lek challenge Utusan?

Loh’s statement came several hours after DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng called on MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek to pressure Umno into censuring Utusan Malaysia for the article.

“Just do it Chua! Tell Umno to direct its newspaper to withdraw the ‘1Melayu, 1bumi’ movement or MCA (should) withdraw from the BN,” said Lim in a statement today.

“Any failure by Chua to do so would show that he is a man who dares to admit his fault, dares to speak out and dares to walk the talk is just empty sandiwara devoid of substance.”

NONELim said (right) that Utusan Malaysia was trying to “racialise” the results of the polls, despite the fact that the DAP was able to garner support from all communities based on the voting data, to gloss over the real reasons for BN losses.

“However , in order to hide the real reasons for their loss, namely corruption and demands for Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud to step down, Umno and Utusan Malaysia are pitting the results as conflict between the Chinese community and the government.”

Yesterday, Najib Abdul Razak distanced himself from the newspaper’s article while Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that the ‘1Melayu, 1bumi’ movement would be a “disaster“.

End of quote.

Now, for those of us who are willing to call a spade just that, we have to accept that as long as there is a sun over our heads and the moon comes a glowing at night, we who are Malaysians will still be segregated as this or that when we are at home here in Malaysia and only be categorized or called as Malaysians the minute we go abroad.
The Malays will be Malays, Chinese as they are, Indians as such and so on.
All these cockamamie stuff about 1Malaysia, 1people would seem good and delude the ones behind such a campaign that they are doing something good for the nation when in actuality it is all just superficial. Only on the surface. Such instant ‘fix-it-quick’ campaigns might look good on paper, seem to be a smashing idea when presented in a ‘wham blam’ multimedia advertising blitz over radio, television and cinema trailers.

But in reality, we all live in a constant atmosphere of doubt and suspicion that simmers deep within our prejudicial hearts and minds. We all tend to differentiate between fellow citizens no matter how hard we try to mask our true emotions, values and traditional mistrusts against one another.

We may witness once in a while, cases where there are interracial marriages and courtships between even inter-faithed couples once in a blue moon. There is a tendency however for such unions to come apart after they run out of steam or passion gives way to dissatisfactions over a myriad of problems that stem from the different upbringings, personal differences and principles, love turning sour and a thousand and one other reason to call it quits.

As a Muslim blogger and Dakwah activist, I have often been emailed by such persons who are caught in that ‘Catch 22‘ situation and do not know how to get out of that emotional and personal maze or labyrinth of broken dreams. To those who can’t quite understand such a dilemma, the easiest way to sort of have an inkling as to its meaning is to imagine yourself in a situation where you can’t spit out or swallow!

Another colorful way to put it will be the famous parable or phrase ‘ Caught between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’.

Back to the issue or topic at hand, it is just natural for the MCA to join their DAP brothers in ethnic origin putting up a show of being alarmed by what the Editor of Utusan Malaysia Encik Zaini Hassan proposed in his column here

Its just a natural reaction from a Malay especially when he is an editor to voice out what the majority of his people feel deep down in their hearts and minds upon seeing the apparent unity or ‘esprit de corps’ that is manifested between the Chinese political parties and social organizations who tend to unite as one community despite having their differing political agendas and aims in life.

You can’t expect to see the national politicians such as from UMNO or PAS leaders speak openly about their concerns and risk being ostracized by the hawk-like opposition media who’d have a field day scandalizing any such slips of the tongue or those who tend to be inflicted with the ‘diarrhea of the lip’ syndrome.

Don’t dream of getting to read about what Najib Tun Razak really truly feels deep down in his privileged heart for the man was born with a golden spoon and wouldn’t really know how it is for the average Malay who struggles to earn his keep deep in the Malay heartlands or how to put food on the table for his family?

The urbanized privileged ones amongst the Malay high society would know nothing about the true situation for the ill-equipped and disadvantaged ones amongst the Malay community who face firewalls after firewalls when they go looking for jobs or opportunities to improve their lot and try to earn a decent income to support themselves and their dependents?

People like Najib, his cousin Hishamuddin Tun Hussein Onn, Mahathir’s offsprings ~ Mukhriz, Mokhzani, Mirzan, Marina, etc. would not know in actuality the serious concerns that are faced by the Malays in today’s day to day living environment.
Malays have traditionally been living a simple existence and not many amongst them really have a care about worldly pursuits such as accumulating material wealth, high positions, etc.

Most Malays are content with whatever that comes their way. Even the British early colonials observed these traits of the Malays who are quick to trust strangers, very hospitable, down to earth folks who bear no malice towards anyone who doesn’t bother them much. They are quite known for their ‘mind their own business’ policy and do not go all out to defend or protect their ‘turf’.
You can see all these having taken place in the way they have run or let ruin this country. Their Malay Reserve lands have almost disappeared. Swallowed up by those who aren’t Malays by way of appointing proxies and ‘Ali Baba’ arrangements. Even their lands are fast being eroded and terms that once heralded the ownership of the Malays over this peninsular are slowly but surely dissipating overnight and most Malays are oblivious to all these or just do not bother.

When the MCA meet their DAP brothers in arms, there is a sense of camaraderie between them that showcases their true feelings of mutual trust and harmony between fellow Chinese. That’s one of the reasons why the Chinese are the largest number of a common people spread throughout the world and they can be found in almost every nation here on Earth.

Not like the Malays or Indians here in Malaysia or in their motherlands. The Malays can be very charming and pleasant to strangers and those not from their common ancestry. Yet the truth is that the Malays are very suspicious and envious of each other. They are infamous for their envy and hatred upon those who are their fellow Malays but from different lineages. 

They will be willing to go all out to ensure that their chosen enemy is vanquished both in spirit or person. Their vengeance knows no bounds. If they can’t battle their enemy straight face to face, they’d waste not a moment to get their will accomplished through the occult or black magic.

We all know that these always do happen. 

Same scenario for the Indians including the Indian Muslim community. Infighting and animosity reigns supreme in their hearts and minds and continues to this day all over the world. The Indians are always raring to go chop up and kill each other over the flimsiest of excuses. 

Only this morning, we read about an Indian having all his ten fingers chopped off clean and them thrown onto the railway tracks! Speak of the devil! 

But not the Chinese. The Chinese are famous for their spirit of oneness and are willing to sacrifice personal wealth and self comfort for the benefit and advantage of their people. This is one of the major reasons why the Chinese do so well wherever they are and migrate to in search of a better life for them and their families, friends, neighbors and community.
The Malays ought to learn from them as to how best to take care of their country and fellowmen and women. The Chinese in actuality are now the overlords of this country. They control the economy and in reality are the king-makers here in Malaysia.

Name me one area or aspect of this land that doesn’t have a jot of Chinese influence over it? Chances are that there will be none.

Zaini Hassan’s call for the Malays to unite is actually a bit too late. Disunity between the various factions amongst the Malays has set in too deep and been allowed to permanently divide them into this and that camp for far too long.

We are talking about hundreds if not thousands of years of such enmity running deep. PAS and UMNO remain at loggerheads despite both political parties consist of the same ethnic makeup and professing the same religion of Islam.

Yet those who claim to be scholars and champions of Islam do not have it in their religiously inclined hearts to make amends with their more secularist UMNO brothers and sisters. They would not budge an inch to make way for their brethren from across the political divide to ensure that their people as a whole survives to the next day.

They are both stubborn and recalcitrant beyond measure. They would rather see their country go to the dogs so to speak than make room for their fellow Malay to have his or her day.

PAS’s wish to see UMNO destroyed and burnt to the cinders instead of let them live and let live. This is evident in the manner by which all their publications and bloggers manifest their true emotions and desire to see the demise of UMNO. To hell with the ‘fellow Muslims or Malays’ tag. Their hatred is eternal.

As a fellow Muslim, I have long called for the unity of the Malays here in Malaysia but know that my wish is akin to wanting to see a cat grow horns or sprout wings and fly. Mission Impossible.

Nik Aziz would rather embrace Kit Siang, Karpal and Kuan Yew instead of Mahathir, Najib, Muhyiddin, Zahid Hamidi or any other UMNO top gun!

Not Hadi Awang though! Now, that is one PAS President who has truly reformed! 😛 Remember his infamous Amanat Haji Hadi?

Now, he is much more relenting and doesn’t waste no time in embracing and hugging his fellow Muslim, UMNO President Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak when they came across each other during the Sarawak state election campaign,  highlighting his true ‘ulamak’ character.

I salute Tuan Guru Hj Abdul Hadi Awang for that! 

So is Professor Dato Dr Harun Din Al Haj, the Deputy Mursyidul Am of PAS! He is one of my religious mentors and I call him often to ask for advice and learn from him about  in depth Islamic matters. May Allah bless him. Ameen.

Problem is that there remain stubborn old recalcitrant ones so to speak in the Islamic party. These vengeful demons in disguise continue to spew hatred amongst the party members and do all that they can to ensure that PAS will never merge with UMNO.

Not as long as the current leaders are still alive and remain as a stumbling block to what Encik Zaini Hassan and millions of his fellow Malays dream for?

The MCA are just exposing what their true calling is? To work towards the betterment of their people as a community and ensure their continued domain over this nation albeit behind the facade that this country still remains a Malay heartland.

The only thing left of the Malays is probably the title on the land grants of the Malay Reserve Land and Keretapi Tanah Melayu. Even that is just a matter of time before all things Malay end up collecting dust in the museums of this land and elsewhere.

As a matter of fact, the once illustrious Malaccan Sultanate is now reduced to being just a display at the replica of the Istana Melaka there in Kota Melaka, a tourist spot.

If the Malays fail to realize that what they do today or in actuality fail to do as per what Zaini Hassan is calling for will hasten the departure of the Malays from what was before the ‘Semenanjung Tanah Melayu‘?

Today, the Malays have been left to rot in hedonistic pursuits by almost each and everyone of their leaders both in public service and what is said to be the 9 surviving royal families of the Malay Sultanate reduced to being mere ‘constitutional monarchies’ with no real power to speak of?

The decision is made by the Executive in what was once the hallowed halls of the Malaysian Parliament and even the State Assemblies.

Today we have members of the State Assemblies and Dewan Rakyat pull stunts similar to uneducated simians and primates whilst demanding to be accorded their honorifics of being the ‘Yang Berhormats‘ @ The Respectable bla bla bloody bla!

I feel sorry for the Malays. Really am.

I was born in this land. Grew up in a Malay kampong. Had Malay girlfriends, Malay childhood friends. Studied under Malay masters in both the Malay traditional martial arts and Quranic classes. I love everything there is about the Malay ancestral values, arts and culture.

I am married to a Pahang Malay.

I cherish the many grand nephews and nieces that my marriage has given me and I absolutely love my families.

To see the majority of the Malays be left to fend for their  own selfs whilst surrounded by so many so called Malay alims and ulamaks is akin to seeing the many voracious wolves out there hunting down and devouring the Malay ‘sheep’ one by one whilst the shepherd snores away in his lofty perch irresponsibly.

Zaini Hassan’s clarion call doesn’t seem to rouse the shepherds.

I wonder if the sheep will remain safe for long?

From the looks of it, we are gonna witness a massacre and yet the sheep aren’t bleating in fear or alarm.

Ah! Must be stricken by the ‘Si Luncai ‘syndrome. It is a situation where despite a fictitious Malay folk character called Si-Luncai jumping into the river with his water gourd when being taken prisoner by palace guards, those guards just let him be despite shouts from others that Si-Luncai was escaping. Those guards were reported to have replied’ Let it be! Let it be!’

That my dear friends is a very debilitating disease. Malays are the prime carriers of this condition. They’d just smile and grin their way whilst getting slaughtered from too much ‘Tidak Apa’thy’.

Tch! Tch! Tch!

Too bad…..

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